Any Bay Area baseball fan recognizes the excitement of walking into AT&T Park for a Giants game. That’s because there’s way more to this famous ballpark than watching a game — it’s a whole experience complete with a beautiful view of the bay, activities throughout the park, and, last but certainly not least, a variety of delicious food.

If you’re planning on visiting AT&T Park for the first time this summer, here is your guide to the food you can’t miss, from classic stadium fare to new and unique options.

1. Garlic Fries


Photo courtesy of @cattyuy on Instagram

If you went to a Giants game and didn’t get garlic fries, did you really go to a Giants game? These delicious fries, topped with minced garlic and parsley, have become as recognizable to AT&T Park visitors as the Coca Cola slide. A fellow Spoonie even included AT&T Park garlic fries in a list of 7 game-changing stadium foods!

2. Home Plate Boba


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Boba at a baseball game? You bet! AT&T Park is the first stadium in the MLB to serve boba, and you don’t wanna miss it. They serve all the classic boba tea flavors you love, in addition to specialties like a cookies and cream blend and a tangerine jasmine tea served with boba and tangerines!

3. Hearth Table at The Garden


Photo courtesy of @giantsgarden on Instagram

AT&T Park actually has an edible garden located behind the centerfield wall, complete with fresh and seasonal fruit, veggies, and flowers. The fresh produce is used at the two bistros located inside – Garden Table and Hearth Table. These are both great options if you’re looking for something on the healthy side when attending a Giants game. The Hearth Table option serves delicious flatbreads, including a gluten-free zucchini option! On top of it all, the Garden also hosts a culinary eduction program for local kids!

4. Cha Cha Bowl at Orlando’s Caribbean BBQ


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The Cha Cha Bowl is universally loved, probably because of its customizable quality. The bowl comes with chicken, rice, and veggies but customers can also add pineapple sauce, jalapeños, BBQ sauce, and more. This dish tops nearly every list of the best food at the park, and you’ll get your money’s worth with these hearty bowls!

5. Crazy Crab Sandwich at Crazy Crab’z


Photo courtesy of @joechiminh on Instagram

Aside from garlic fries, this sandwich is by far the most talked about food item at the park. Giants fans from all walks of life agree that the Crazy Crab Sandwich is a must-try dish. Crazy Crab’z has a dedicated fan base, with almost every Yelp reviewer proclaiming that they get this sandwich every time they’re at the Park.

6. Murph’s Clubhouse Pub


Photo courtesy of BonBon S. on Yelp

Foodies love this place for its unique dishes that set themselves apart from standard ballpark fare. Their sweet potato fries with a drizzling of curry sauce are a fan favorite, and so are their Irish nachos (pictured above). Fries, lots of cheese, jalapeños, and corned beef complete this one of a kind dish.

7. Pier 44 Chowder House


Photo courtesy of Christine R. on Yelp

What’s more San Francisco than clam chowder in a bread bowl? Nothing, that’s what. The Pier 44 Chowder House stand serves up this classic dish, perfect for warming you up during those cold and windy evening games!

8. Ghirardelli Sundaes


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Craving something sweet? Look no further. Ghirardelli has historical roots in San Francisco, making it the perfect dessert to enjoy at a Giants game. In addition to the classic chocolate sundae, they also serve a decadent s’mores sandwich, which is essentially melted chocolate and marshmallows between two slices of bread.

9. Sheboygan Bratwurst


Photo courtesy of @guwaakniu on Instagram

If you’re looking for that classic baseball game experience, get yourself a Sheboygan bratwurst from the stand of the same name. The 12-inch dog is loaded with grilled onions and sauerkraut on a toasty bun, making for a delicious and filling option.

10. The Yard at Mission Rock


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Okay, so this one technically isn’t inside AT&T Park, but it’s a super fun spot for grabbing some food and drinks before a game. Located in the stadium parking lot, The Yard is filled with food trucks, plenty of picnic tables, games, and a great atmosphere. There are also big-screen TV’s with the game on, in case you didn’t get a ticket but still want to be close to the action.