Baseball is cool and all but you know the real reason people go to games is to eat nachos and drink beers. These #SpoonFeed photos depict our favorite ball park foods. Next step is for the stadiums to actually offer these insane concoctions… hint hint.

The most important part of this burger is the bacon to patty ratio.

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Seriously a work of art. Since you’d probably go broke if you bought french fries every time you wanted them, here’s how to make your own fries at home.

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Oh, ya know. Just some fries topped with aioli, feta, onion, green pepper, tomato, olives, pepperoncinis and chili sauce. You might need a fork.

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There is chimichurri on this burger. Everyone, please channel your inner @foodsofjane and put chimichurri on all of your burgers.

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Thank god there is a baseball stadium that serves garlic cheese fries. In case you were looking for some inspiration, here’s 20 more delicious ways to eat cheese.

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If you haven’t tried kimchi fries, you haven’t lived. Get ahead of the game, because kimchi is about to become America’s next big food trend.

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Sorry just passed out momentarily from the beauty of these short rib nachos. Because you should always be upping your nacho game, here are some shrimp nachos to try.

Who cares if it’s fried and stuffed with cheese. There’s a mushroom on there and we’re calling it healthy.

NYC food truck Korilla BBQ is serving up waffle fries with kimchi and seaweed, and it’s a beautiful thing.

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@louiemadeit is a freakin’ baller because he eats burgers made with Wagyu beef and puts fois gras on top.

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Fancy burgers are pretty cool, but sometimes you just need a classic patty with tomato, lettuce and cheese.

Burger, fries and a chocolate shake: the holy trinity of Shake Shack.

Absolutely no clue what’s on these nachos but it looks like a whole bunch of awesome.

Now that you’ve seen what you could be eating, go support your local baseball team…by eating all the food it’s stadium has to offer. And if you’re ever in need of more photos of nachos, burgers or fries, definitely make sure to follow us on Instagram to catch all our #SpoonFeed shots.

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