1. You judge your friendships based on how many times you’ve had boba together.

2. You automatically dislike people who don’t like boba.

3. You force your friends (and sometimes their fathers) into trying boba.

4. You’ve gotten your friends and roommates addicted to boba too.

5. Your New Year’s resolution was to only drink boba once a week.

6. You failed after 1 week.


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

7. You earn a free cup of boba every few weeks thanks to all your stamp cards.

8. The barista knows what you’ll order the moment you step up to the counter.


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

9. You’ve made boba at home because you can.

10. Your trashcan is overfilled with empty boba cups.


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

11. You feel like your whole life is a lie when your boba shop of choice runs out of boba. Other toppings just don’t cut it.

12. Even when you’re stuffed, you still have room for boba.

13. You’re the first one to know when a new boba place opens.

14. You’re willing to drive several miles to get boba.

15. You have a specific drink you get from each boba place. Roasted barley milk tea with boba here, yogurt green tea with boba there.


Photo by Jisoo Kim, Edited by Jocelyn Hsu

16. You go to boba fundraisers to “help your friend.”

17. But we all know you’re going to get your daily boba fix.

18. Half your food budget is spent on boba.

19. You’re totally okay with that because boba = happiness.

20. You’re too lazy to do most things, but for boba, you’d walk 1000 miles.


21. Or maybe you’ve paid someone to deliver you boba.

22. Midnight boba runs are a thing. What else can get you through Dead Week?

23. And of course, you have a cup of boba in your hand as you read this.

I had one while writing this. Cheers!


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

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