Since April 1, 1972 Ann Arbor, Michigan has hosted the one of the most iconic protests in the country. With the goal of reforming marijuana laws from state to federal levels, Hash Bash draws thousands cannabis enthusiasts to the Michigan Diag on the first Saturday in April. 

Just so you know, the city of Ann Arbor has some of the most lenient cannabis laws in the country. Yet, state law trumps municipal law so ya'll better be careful if you set foot on University of Michigan property (cough cough a state-funded college).

Now that you've been educated on Hash Bash history, lets get down to business. Whether you are partaking in the festivities or merely down for some people watching, Spoon Michigan is here to help make your Saturday a little tastier. Here's a roundup of all our favorite breakfast hashes in AA. How festive. 

Did someone say puff, puff, pass the fork?

Fleetwood Diner

Some may argue that Fleetwood's Hippy Hash is the unofficial food of the Michigan Wolverines. Either way this meal is one of Ann Arbor's classics and it's 24/7 availability makes it one of the best munchie-satisfying meals out there.


Now this is some high class hash. If you're in the mood to treat yo self then the Bandito Hash for you. And no the gauc is not extra.  

Frank's Restaurant

Since 1969, Frank's has been serving up the Greek style diner fare that Michiganders swear by. Swing by Frank's to check out their hash and see if you believe the hype. 

Avalon Cafe & Kitchen

Though it may sound intimidating, Avalon's Oxtail Hash is one of the best things on their menu. Paired with their famous Farm Bread, this meal will keep you full through any Hash Bash celebrating. 

The Broken Egg

It might appear on the menu as the Vegetarian Breakfast Stew, but this Broken Egg specialty certainly seems like a hash. 

#SpoonTip: Get their Cinnamon Swirled Toast to share

Zingerman's Roadhouse

The chefs at the Roadhouse took the world-renowned Zingerman's Reuben and deconstructed it into a corned beef hash. Both mind-blowing and mouth-watering, this hash might take you higher than the other kind of hash. 

Juicy Kitchen

For those looking for a healthier option, Juicy Kitchen has replaced the traditional hash potatoes with sweet potatoes. While satisfying your sweet tooth and getting in your insta aesthetics, this is a great option for brunch Hash Bash or not. 

Benny's Family Dining

On any normal Saturday morning, you can catch half of the hungover student body waiting in line at Benny's. This probably won't change on Hash Bash, so set your alarm and get ready for one of the biggest plates of hash browns you have ever seen. 

Northside Grill

Northside Grill was voted the 2016 best breakfast in Washtenaw County so let's see if it's maintaining its reputation during the 2017 Hash Bash.

Nick's House of Pancakes

Warning: objects in photo are larger than they appear. With portions big enough to make defensive linemen struggle to clean the plate (yes, I am a confirmed witness) save your munchies for Nick's. 

Hopefully this information has helped you in your search to remain hunger free on hash bash. I hope you enjoyed whether you read it because of the potatoes or the pot.