It's past midnight. Maybe you're leaving the library, or maybe you're stumbling out of Skeeps or Rick's. Whatever level of exhaustion or sobriety you're at, 24-hour late night muchies are the next move. 

For some reason, most restaurants seem to think that they daylight hours are the only time people go out to eat. Luckily, a couple local joints have gone above and beyond the call of duty to answer our late night hunger pangs. 

Here are the most reliable 24-hour diners, drive-ins and donut shops the Ann Arbor area has to offer. Take note for the next time you're awake and hangry in the wee hours of the night/morning.

1. Fleetwood Diner

If Ann Arbor had an official meal, it would probably be Fleetwood Diner's Hippie Hash. I've had a vegan friend cave and devour the entire plate, if that says anything about its delectability.

2. Abe's Coney Island

As an out-of-stater, I was originally weirded out by Southeastern Michigan's obsession with Coney Island. Then I realized that they weren't referring to Brooklyn, but rather a greek-style diner. After experiencing one for the first time, I now understand the infatuation. Late night eats sent from the heavens above. 

3. Dom Bakeries

Need a sugary treat to fuel your night out or night in the lib? Go no further than this husband and wife owned donut emporium. Fresh baked daily, these donuts, long johns, and apple fritters have been called the creme de la creme of pastries. 

4. Leo's Coney Island 

A larger chain than Abe's, Leo's is another Greek/Michigan/Coney Island diner thing. All I'm saying is that their chicken finger pita and lemon rice soup could resurrect you from 6 feet under.

5. Big Sky Diner

Big Sky, full hearts, can't lose. Did someone say hangover cure?

6. Tim Horton's

Reasons I've considered moving to Canada: Donald Trump, the acceptable use of "eh", and Tim Horton's. Thankfully, I can get my Double Double and Timbits any hour of the day in Ann Arbor.

7. Denny's 

I saw an Instagram yesterday of what I though was an artisanal bougie breakfast place — it was Denny's. Just saying, don't be turned away by chain restaurant phobia. This 24-hour hot spot is the place to be when you're in need of some quality munchies.

8. McDonald's

You knew it was coming, so just LOOK AT THOSE FRIES. That is all.


Though I'm partial to waffles, the International House of Pancakes definitely scores in my book for being open 24 hours and offering free pancakes for a cause on March 7th.

10. Burger King

Unsure if their chicken fries are an abomination or godly creation, but Burger King sure knows how to satisfy even the oddest of cravings. Bless up for the fact that they will answer our peculiar hankerings even at 3 am.

Now that you know you have this cheat sheet at your disposal, I hope you never find yourself hungry with nowhere to eat. Adventure away and take in that college experience without being hangry ever again. It's 24/7, baby.