Hanger (the dangerous fusion of hunger and anger) is no farce. Back in 2015, CNN actually did scientific research in attempt to legitimize and explain hanger, and revealed that hanger is owed to some of the processes existing inside our bodies when it lacks food.

For example, since glucose is a vital nutrient of brain function, and your blood-glucose levels fall with hunger, things become difficult if you haven’t had a bite to eat, like paying attention or behaving appropriately.

Here are nine of the many signs that you’ll experience if you're hangry.

1. You can't concentrate

You’re driving around with your friend and she’s telling you all of the details about this weekend with her dream man whom she finally talked to at a party. And your hanger won’t allow you to pay attention to anything except for… well, except for your hunger.

2. You make silly mistakes

Mistakes like forgetting your wallet or losing your credit card in your pocket are sure to happen if you’re hangry. Just make sure you don’t do anything costly like accidentally call your current beau by your ex-beau’s name. That’ll add some anger to your hanger.

3. You snap at your friends or family

Your sister teases you per usual but for some hangry reason you do NOT find it funny.

4. If driving (not advisable when hangry), you freak out about every little inconvenience

Even though you normally (and legally) have to stop at stop signs and red lights, every stop sign and red light you hit while you’re hangry triggers crazzzyy streams of invective. Just expletives freakin’ everywhere. The car goes from rated-G to rated-R and you go from hangry to hangrier.

5. You’re grumpier than a nasty-tempered grandma

It’s better if you just stay away from people.

6. You have a wildly irrational reaction to everything

Most likely you couldn’t get your shoe off without untying it or your seatbelt got stuck when you shut the door

7. You stare at everyone else’s food and wish you could either have it or set it on fire with a laser (cause if you can’t have it, nobody can)

Is it that hard to be Cyclops? (The fictional superhero, not the mythological giant with one eye.)

8. You say “I could eat a *really weird object/animal* right now”

The hanger is palpable.

9. You could actually eat absolutely anything

Literally, anything

If you're hanger is at an all time high, find the nearest cafè, restaurant, dining hall, or heck, even a gas station would work, and get to it fast! The only known cure to hanger right now is food.