#ChickenFriesAreBack is what’s trending on all your social media sites, and why shouldn’t it be? This is big world news, so it should be plastered on to walls if it hasn’t been already.

The ‘people’ have taken to Twitter since the beginning of January, when chicken fries were taken off the Burger King menu, in order to bring back what had been stolen from them. According to Christopher Heine, since #chickenfriesareback launched, it has averaged 380 tweets per minute. BuzzFeed mentioned chicken fries in its article about extinct foods from your childhood, Change.org held petitions to bring back chicken fries and, of course, tweeters everywhere had something to say about their favorite (I use that word loosely) fast food item.

burger king

Photo courtesy of Burger King’s Facebook Page

So, after some artful planning from Burger King, the peaceful, tweet-filled protesting helped them advertise themselves. BK used social media sites as a way to get people to show that the big menu item was making a comeback — without having to pay for several television ads (which would be for naught because who picks TV over Twitter? Am I right?).

Another tactic used to sell these love children of potatoes and chicken was to say that the menu item is ‘a limited time offer’ on all of the posters. How cruel can the world be? You don’t have to answer that, because I’ve seen these posters. It’s all just a part of the advertising to get your nostalgic, hungry self to Burger King to have some of those beloved, crispy and delicious chicken fries.

burger king

Photo by Nicole Feretich

Companies such as Burger King, McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants bring back old, greatly loved items in order to amp up business and bring attention to themselves without having to do much advertising. Some, like Burger King, go to great lengths to create ridiculous campaigns that started with ridiculous tweets about the food items.

So, follow Burger King on Instagram and Twitter. Add them on Snapchat. Check out their Tumblr. Go buy some shirts off their Ebay (I wish I was joking). And, duh, go buy some chicken fries.

burger king

Items available for sale on the Burger King Ebay (Photo Courtesy of Burger King)