If you're not a Trader Joe's shopper, this headline might sound a little silly. After all, the past few years have yielded ever-changing grocery prices, especially with eggs. Though, Trader Joe's loyalists are in mourning. TJ's is famous for many things, among them being a dazzling flower selection, cult-followed snacks, beloved frozen meals, and 19¢ bananas. That's right, you could walk into any TJ's in the country and know that a single banana will cost you that much. For years, it was akin to the iconic Costco hot dog, which is *still* sold for just $1.50. Here's what we know about the Trader Joe's banana price increases. 

What is the new Trader Joe's banana price?

As of now, the 19¢ bananas are going for 23¢ per fruit. Though organic bananas are still being sold for 29¢ per fruit. Individually sold bananas first appeared on store shelves in 2001 after an older customer shared they wanted one fruit rather than the whole pre-packaged pound bundle. The rest is history.

Why did Trader Joe's increase their banana price?

A brand representative shared a statement with CNBC noting, “We only change our prices when our costs change, and after holding our price for bananas at 19¢ each for more than two decades, we’ve now reached a point where this change is necessary." 

However, while this famous produce item increased in price by nearly 20%, the brand representative pointed out that romaine hearts, bell peppers, and green onions have decreased in price. 

So, for now, if you need bananas, you're going to need a slightly bigger chunk of change going forward.