It's about that time. We're beginning to peep outside, take off our layers and sit outside, in awe of the fact that it's been above 30 for the past week. As we eagerly hang those gooses up for a hopeful spring, we're curious and determined to adventure out and start trying out new foods. Warmer weather means finally being able to venture out of the caves of our living situations and adventure out to try foods other than Kimmel, Good Uncle meals, and Marshall Street pit stops. Our excuses for being lazy are over, Syracuse. We must get off of our upstate arses, get out of this bubble that we know we've been in what? 

Try new snacks.

Now that we're approaching spring, we're beginning to stare at our finals week like a deer in headlights. Even though our layers of clothing are lessening, our amount of work is increasingly piling--it's unfair. How dare we survive these next couple of weeks and attempt to study outside in this distracting weather? We must take a deep breath, take a drive and try our hand at picking up some foods at Trader's. Thanks to Trader Joe's, college students like us can purchase every snack to our desire without feeling the guilt of hurting our bank. Trader Joe's has been my go-to this past year and has significantly helped in lowering my budget. Trader's has not once let me down in terms of quality and pricing. Luckily, since I make trips to Trader Joe's more frequently than going to class, I know a thing or two about the snack department. These are the guaranteed, student-approved, delicious snacks that will make not only you but your bank account, overjoyed with excitement. 

1. Go Bananas! -- $1.99

This is my ride-or-die snack. A snack that I always hold in my freezer. I buy boxes in bulk, guilt-free. These dark chocolate covered banana bites are only 15 pieces a bag, which is just ludicrous. As a stressed, hangry 21-year-old female, by the time I hit the bottom of the bag, it takes all my strength to not reach for another box. These snacks cure my fruity, chocolatey cravings and leave me salivating, yet satisfied with the portion size. If you need a chilled snack and a substitute for ice cream, reach for these (somewhat) healthier options instead. Perfect for study sessions! 

2. Organic Dried Mango Slices -- $1.99

If you're addicted to fruit leather, dried fruit, or a chewy snack, these mango slices take fruit and chew to a new level. This nosh is chewy enough to feel like you're gnashing on a fruit roll-up. I love this snack especially because it's guilt-free and actual mango. No added preservatives and none of that fructose corn crap, it's mango without the hassle of the messiness of the actual fruit and the likeliness that the fruit may rot at the bottom of your backpack. 

3. Mini Vegetable Samosas -- $3.49

I'm gonna be honest, there aren't amazing Indian options up here in Syracuse. However, Trader Joe's offers amazing, authentic knock-off Indian dishes, including samosas. If you tend to crave savory over sweet late at night while cramming in weeks of work, these bite-sized samosas will satisfy your authentic tastebuds. These are not only delicious but convenient. They're microwaveable, oven-bakable, and stove-top friendly. Wherever you are, these can be your go-to. 

4. Chicken or Pork Gyoza Potstickers -- $2.99

YUM. Who needs GrubHub when Trader's has you covered? Cook up some dumplings and convince your friends to study at your place. Treat yourself while diving into a dumpling as soft as a cloud. Your studying will feel worth it, I assure you. 

5. Cauliflower Gnocchi -- $3.00

If you need a quick, yet delicious dinner, make sure to stock this up in your freezer. When Good Uncle has you down, cook some gnocchi to-go and venture to Bird basement. These are perfect because you can choose the portion size. For a mini-meal, I usually have 4 or 5. For a meal, the bag will be gone. These gnocchi are perfect too because they're a little healthier for you in the long run. If you're in search of some topping suggestions, I boil these bad boys and then top them with some olive oil, basil, salt, pepper, and if I'm feeling fancy...pesto. 

6. Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie -- $3.99

Holy cookie! This is quite a treat. If you and your friends are experiencing a case of the finals blues, this deep dish is perfect for a bit of a recovery. However, I can't guarantee you the recovery of your stomach ache if you finish it by yourself. This dessert is one of Trader Joe's underrated. Typically at a restaurant out, a dish like this may hurt the bank. Before you start spending just as much money on your dessert as your salad, this Trader Joe's edition is just as delicious! 

7. ABC Bars -- $2.99

What does ABC stand for? Almond Butter and Cocoa! This chewy, chocolatey, oat-based bar will get your morning going or will be a perfect afternoon snack to motivate you to finish the rest of the day. They're pocket-sized and perfect to grab for on-the-go. Not only are they gluten-free and vegan, but they'll satisfy your sweet tooth until your next meal. Perfect for sustenance snacking! 

8. Corn, Pea and Quinoa Crisps -- $2.49

Nowadays, a lot of branded vegetable chips are actually fake healthy. Even though veggie chips are branded as having an actual vegetable in them, most of the time it's just vegetable powder that's thrown in with potato. At Trader Joe's, you can find these crisps to actually live up to the name. This veggie based snack has legitimate vegetable chunks on them, proving Trader's legitimacy. Actual yellow corn, yellow and green split peas, black bean grits and white quinoa are compressed into one crisp of absolute healthy deliciousness. These are prime for study snacking while you're on hour 4 of one of your essays. Keep this on deck, share with friends, and mix with any dip of your choosing (suggestion: hummus). 

9. Chili & Lime Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips -- $2.49

If you need a kick of spicy, let these rolled chips whack you back into action. Made from ground corn masa, these chips are gluten-free and addicting. Although I'm a die-hard for sweet, every once in a while I need a little bit of spice. Recently, I've been substituting my barbecue lays for these bad boys. Not only are they 5x spicier, but they're a (little) less worrisome on the carb intake. The crunchiness and the flavor make these a go-to pair with hummus or guac. Spice up your life! 

10. French Onion Soup Bites -- $4.49

Are you craving warm soup but reluctant because of this warm weather? If you're scared to attempt at a whole bowl of hot goodness, these bite-sized treats will satisfy your French onion craving. These noshes offer caramelized onions, swiss cheese, gooey goodness with a savory vegetable base. Eat one, eat two, eat all of them. These are the perfect go-to meal if you're antsy to get to Bird.