Although my childhood was filled with many pivotal moments, like learning how to read, nothing was more transformative than tasting my first cherry ICEE. It wasn’t summer if you weren’t sweating out your juices in the heat while slurping on an ICEE. And now, thanks to J&J Snacks Foods, the two most popular ICEE flavors, Cherry and Blue Raspberry, have moved into the Dippin’ Dots universe. And, I must say, I pledge allegiance to this new flavor combo. It’s sure to bring back memories of biking around town with friends when the world of taxes and insurance deductibles was still years away. 

Where to buy ICEE Cherry N’Blue Razz Dippin’ Dots

From now until the end of summer, you can find these ICEE Dippin’ Dots in-store at Dippin’ Dots locations across the U.S., available on a lovely location map from their website. Don’t see a location in your area? You can order the product online in bulk or in servable pre-packs. But, order quickly, because this Dippin’ Dots flavor is getting seriously popular.

How much do ICEE Cherry N’Blue Razz Dippin’ Dots cost?

The bulk bags cost $69.95 each, and a single serving comes in at $3.49. Whether you're a Dippin’ Dots chain store or a regular joe just looking for some moments to reminisce, ICEE and Dippin’ Dots have got you covered. And yes, maybe now I’m considering opening a Dippin’ Dots chain store.

How to make ICEE Cherry N’Blue Razz Dippin’ Dots at home

Although buying Dippin’ Dots is great, why not use this as an opportunity to get your DIY-on in the kitchen? There are two ways to make dippin’ dots at home, but I’m going to assume you don’t have liquid nitrogen on hand (my bad, if you do have liquid nitrogen). For the recipe that doesn’t include liquid nitrogen, you’ll need flavored yogurt, cream cheese, powdered sugar, cherry flavoring, and blue raspberry flavoring. Luckily, the recipe doesn’t take long to put together. Which is good for me, because I’m impatient when it comes to frozen ice cream beads. Once you pipe the ice cream dots onto a waxed paper tray, they’ll need just two hours in the freezer until you have ice cream perfection.