ICEE's are a classic. Whether you're at the movie theater, amusement park, or it's just a hot day, these ice cold drinks are a refreshing sip of heaven. This year, ICEE turned 50, and to celebrate their huge milestone and 150 total flavors, let's take a look at some of the craziest ICEE flavors of all time.

1. Apple Blackcurrant

apple, pasture, juice
Meredith Ross

This interesting apple berry fusion will leave you with a flavor explosion.

2. White Chocolate

This sweet treat will not only satisfy your chocolate craving but also cool you off on the hottest of days. 

3. Vanilla

Sarah Joh

Vanilla may be a classic ice cream flavor, but as an ICEE, it creates a crazy texture and flavor combination. 

4. Frawg

Don't let the name or the green color confuse you, this apple flavored ICEE will not leave you disappointed. 

5. Honeycomb

nectar, sweet, honey, honey dipper
Sam Jesner

Honey is great in tea, on toast, and a bunch of other different things. However, it brings an unusual flavor to the classic ICEE. 

6. Blue Meanie

Be careful with this one, as it might turn your tongue blue, but it's crazy mean flavor will be worth it!

7. Buttered Popcorn

corn, popcorn, cereal, wheat, kettle corn, rice
Jocelyn Hsu

Popcorn and an ICEE may be a movie theater staple, but combined, it creates an unusual and crazy ICEE flavor. 

8. Shrekalicious 

Inspired after everyone's favorite ogre, this green concoction oozes crazy flavor. 

9. Laffy Taffy

One of the newest flavors arriving this fall is inspired by the taffy candy. While this chewy treat boasts unusual flavors like chocolate and banana, even Willy Wonka would label this as one of the craziest ICEE flavors. 

10. Mango Chili Lime

mango, sweet
Gabby Quintana

One of the next editions to fall, this sweet and savory combo will provide a unique and tasty flavor.