High grocery prices and inflation have been the worst part of adulting lately, and many retailers are reacting to consumer feedback and lowering their prices to gain customers back. Target’s grocery section has always drawn me in because they carry trendy snacks, product collaborations, and modern brands that I can’t always find at other grocers but are all over social media. Still, lately, I’ve had to pass on snacks in order to afford more essential groceries, so it comes with great relief that Target has announced that it is lowering prices on over five thousand frequently shopped items this summer, making it the perfect place to grab your summer cookout essentials!

New lower prices for everyday and holiday deals

Early last week, Target announced that over Memorial Day weekend and throughout the summer they will lower prices on over five thousand grocery, household, and health and beauty products, including their private label brands Good & Gather and Everspring

"Our teams work hard to deliver great value every day, and these new lower prices across thousands of items will add up to additional big savings for the millions of consumers that shop Target each week for their everyday needs," said Rick Gomez, executive vice president and chief food, essentials and beauty officer, Target in the announcement.

In addition to Target, other stores like Walmart, Amazon, and Walgreens announced reducing prices in their stores to increase profits amidst persistent inflation, but as we all start making our Fourth of July cookout menus, Target is the perfect place to grab your everyday and holiday essentials. Whether you’re signed up to bring drinks or food to your next summer get-together, you’ll already be able to find savings on these products:

Good & Gather Unsalted Butter (1 lb) now $3.79 (was $3.99). 

Good & Gather Organic Baby Spinach (5 oz) now $2.99 (was $3.29).

Prime Hydration Sports Drinks (16.9 fl oz) now $1.99 (was $2.19).

Jack's Frozen Pepperoni Pizza (14.3 oz) now $3.99 (was $4.19).

Thomas' Plain Bagels (20 oz) at $3.79 (from $4.19).

Good & Gather Sea Salt Roasted Nuts (9.5 oz) now $5.29 (was $6.89).

Persil Liquid Laundry Detergent (100 fl oz) now $12.99 (was $13.69).

Prep for Back-to-School savings

Not that any of us want to think about heading back to school yet, but it should also be noted that Target plans on including some dorm essential snacks in the savings, making it even easier to complete your back-to-school shopping for both home and grocery needs in one store while making the most of your budget.