I've never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day, or to really care about it, but when the candy goes on the sale the day after, I'm all in. I definitely have my eye on those candy hearts, chocolate truffles, and baked goods. This year, Target is taking the V-Day treats up a notch and combining two favorites: cotton candy and rosè. 

Photo courtesy of Target

Yep, step aside summer Frosè, cottonosè is here—eh, OK yeah, that doesn't really work. But anyways, Target is selling cotton candy flavored like rosè and champagne for the upcoming holiday. It won't get you tipsy, but the cotton candy costs a fraction of a bottle of wine at $2.99, and is available now through the end of February. 

This would be the perfect gift for your girlfriends, co-workers, or you know, for yourself. You deserve love and desserts, too.

So head to Target for the Valentine's Rosè or Champagne Flavored Cotton Candy, and do it fast. Valentine's Day may still be a month away, but the way I see it, that means you have extra time to enjoy this treat. Just think about how many 1 oz. tubs you could eat before the month is up.

#SpoonTip: If you're still set on drinking the real thing, you can check out Target's line of $5 wines or $10 sparkling wines.