The hype for Target is real—whether it's the dollar section by the entrance that never goes unnoticed, some of their innovative foods such as marshmallow fries, or Chrissy Teigen's kitchen collection. And, this hype extends to their grocery section as well. Here's why:

1. Target has it all

Need to meet your daily vegetable serving? Need snacks for the game? With a full grocery section, Target may be the way to go! No need for an extra stop. Buy some holiday decorations and salads, fresh berries and dessert for dinner at the same time. 

2. Target has a killer frozen foods section

Target's frozen food section has foods ranging from frozen fruits and veggies to pre-made meals, perfect for when you're short of time. Their ice cream collection is extensive, and even includes exclusive flavors from the Museum of Ice Cream.

3. Target-owned brands 

Maddy McGunagle

Target has its own brands, including Archer Farms and Market Pantry. Their products range from trail mix to beef patties to maple syrup and frozen fruit. Worth the try (and they're healthy!). 

4. Cartwheel App

Ivana Rizo Patron

Download the Target app for discounts! College student on a budget—I feel you. They normally have discounts for all types of groceries, ranging from beverages to snacks to fruit and nut butters. Give yourself some time to look through the app—your wallet will be grateful. #spoontip: they also have discounts for other every day products 

 If you're already going to Target, why not do your grocery shopping there too?

Bonus: some Targets also have an alcoholic-beverage section!