I was truly heartbroken when I went to college and the closest Target was 11 metro stops and a train transfer away. That doesn't seem like a lot, but to me, it was. I was not used to traveling more than an hour anywhere for anything, let alone to spend the afternoon at Target.

Target has three brands under which they market their food: Market Pantry, Archer Farms, and Simply Balanced. I personally enjoy Target brand foods and think that they have the cheapest prices for the best merchandise. This is not to mention the wide variety of snacks offered in store including cookies, crackers, granola bars and fruit snacks. Here are the best of the best Target-brand snacks: 

1. Peanut butter

peanut butter, ketchup, jam
Maddy McGunagle

Peanut butter counts as a snack, right? I'm a big fan of peanut butter, and the Market Pantry creamy PB does not disappoint. This version of the ultimate classic is great and would do well on toast, in a sandwich, or even straight of out the jar. 

2. Snap peas

vegetable, salad
Maddy McGunagle

This healthy and convenient snack is great on top of a salad or even straight out of the bag and dipped in ranch dressing — no judgment. 

3. Simply Trail Trail mix

Maddy McGunagle

Made with peanuts, raisins, M&Ms, unsalted almonds, and dried sweetened red tart cherries, this classic trail mix is easy and portable — perfect for taking on the literal hiking trail. But no need to even put those hiking boots on to enjoy this snack.

4. Banana chips

chocolate, peanut butter, butter, chips, peanut
Maddy McGunagle

These naturally flavored snacks are the best combo in the world (banana and chocolate), and they also come in a sealable package that makes it easy to bring to school or to work. Pair with some of the peanut butter mentioned before, and you've got yourself the perfect 3 pm pick-me-up.

5. Fruit snacks

It's basically like eating fruit, right? Just kidding, mom. Anyway, these bad boys are grape, strawberry, orange, peach and raspberry flavored. They are also gluten free.

6. Cheddar cheese balls

These are probably the best things in the world, and I'm not being overdramatic. Cheese balls are fluffy and crunchy. To make things better, Target cheese balls come in family size packs, and that's actually perfect when you are 20 years old and have no dependents to share with. 

7. Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches

tea, cake, chocolate
Maddy McGunagle

The package includes six sandwiches, which means you can have one a day, and then go to Target on Sunday. That's conveniently when the coupon flyer comes out, giving you an excuse to go to Target again. 

8. Roasted tomato and pepper salsa

beer, tea
Maddy McGunagle

Ya girl loves spicy food. This medium salsa was the perfect balance between too spicy (for a normal human) and sweet. 

9. Sea salt pita crackers

cream, milk
Maddy McGunagle

These crackers go great with hummus. Also true story, the other day I woke up to my mom eating them for breakfast (without hummus). So really, they're great for any meal, I guess. 

10. Vanilla wafers

There really is no difference between the Target brand and Nilla (the regular brand) of these vanilla wafers. You're much better off buying the Target brand for less money than living large and buying the name brand. Use the extra money you have left over on more snacks.

11. Peanut butter filled pretzels

This snack is perfect and convenient for soccer games and tailgating at said soccer games. If you haven't noticed, I like peanut butter (and soccer). 

12. Chewy monster granola bars

The Market Pantry monster granola bar is the perfect snack for road trips, lunches, and picnics on the beach. Made with raisins, peanuts, M&Ms and chocolate chips, the bar is the perfect combo of all the great aspects of trail mix. 

13. Popcorn trio

Probably the only trio you ever need to know about, this snack includes caramel, cheese, and original popcorn all in one

Target brand snacks are truly an underrated gem. I mean, three popcorn flavors in one bag? A giant tub of cheddar cheese balls? Yes, please. However, out of all of these snacks listed, my personal fave Target brand snack is definitely the trail mix. As much as I love peanut butter, those M&Ms really understand me.