Many things mark childhood in the U.S. From playing outside in puddles and drawing chalk rainbows on the sidewalk to making cute holiday crafts and watching one single animated movie on repeat as if no other movie exists — being a kid is great. Though, for me, one thing hasn't changed from childhood into adulthood, and that is my obsession with whimsical lunchbox treats. I will never be too old for Fruit Roll-Ups, Goldfish Colors, and Chips Ahoy cookies. I went through an Oreo phase, but I returned to the OG chocolate chip cookies. Though, on March 20, Chips Ahoy announced that they would be changing the taste with an "MMMproved recipe," rolling out in stores right now. So, what exactly did Chips Ahoy change about their cookie recipe that has been in stores for a decade? Does it taste better than before? Here's what we know about the new Chips Ahoy cookie recipe.  

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What did Nabisco change in the new Chips Ahoy cookie recipe?

Beyond a new package design, the cookie features a new chocolate chip with "higher cacao content and a higher concentrate Madagascar vanilla extract," according to a press release

Additionally, the beloved cookie crunch might feel different the next time you pick up a Chips Ahoy package. The brand noted that there's a new "mixing process that creates just the right cookie texture." Of course, this press release didn't truly describe the changes in a forward way, so it's time to turn to the TikTok foodies.

So, what does the new recipe taste like?

According to snack aficionado @snachwithzach, the new cookies are slightly bigger, and truly better in his opinion. The texture reminds him of Tate's, with an airier texture. 

TikTok user MassLive News also did a taste test, noting that the chocolate does have a richer taste and break apart more easily.

If you're a die-hard OG Chips Ahoy fan, stock up right now. Though, try out the new cookie to see if you taste an "MMMprovement."