Many of my late-night snack runs have often included a bit of something sweet along with a bit of something sour. My routine usually ends me up with a sleeve of cookies and a candy snack for later. But when I heard that Chips Ahoy! was coming out with a Sour Patch Kids cookie I thought they were out of their mind—or probably just really high. I had to remain calm, knowing that Chips Ahoy! would never do me wrong so they must be good.  

Earlier this year, Chip Ahoy! debuted two other limited-edition batch of cookies—one made with creamy Hersey’s chocolate chunks and Reese’s mini peanut butter pieces. While those two might be more my thing, I’ll definitely be grabbing a box of this new guy.

You can find them at retailers nationwide starting in May for only $3 a box. You’ll definitely want to grab them before they’re Sour, Sweet, Gone!