It’s our favorite time of the year – Trader Joe’s has announced and put out their new summer items. Trader Joe's always has the most fun, and best, seasonal groceries, and I’m so excited to try them. If you’re looking for summer vibes in your groceries, head to TJ’s as soon as possible to snatch up these items. I can tell you, these new items are going to be the hit of the summer. From strawberry-flavored pancake mix to bright and tangy mango mochi, you don’t want to miss these new summer items. Trader Joe’s is known for its unique flavor combinations and snacks, and its seasonal groceries are always fun to look through. If you’re looking to find some fun new groceries to add to your summer shopping list, look no more, as this list will have your mouth watering in a matter of seconds. Run, don’t walk, to Trader Joe’s to grab these summer groceries. 

1. Peaches + Cream Cream Cheese Spread

Photo from Trader Joe's

This speaks for itself, as this cream cheese is peach-flavored. What more can you ask for in a summer cream cheese flavor? In this summer spread, you can expect chunks of peaches in this delicious cream cheese. It’s a perfect spread for a brunch buffet or summer charcuterie board and goes well with just about anything. You can add it to a morning bagel for a fresh and light meal, or spread it on a banana for a quick snack. However you choose to eat it, you won’t regret it. This cream cheese is definitely going to be the hit of the summer.

2. Strawberries & Crème Pancake & Waffle Mix

Photo from Trader Joe's

Going along with the fruity flavor theme, this pancake and waffle mix is another light and delicious new item for the summer. This mix features sweetened dried strawberries and white chocolate chunks – a heavenly mixture, IMO. It has bright and bold flavors of strawberry, while its counterpart of white chocolate chips adds the creamy sweetness to it. The mix itself is a dense and fluffy mix for either pancakes or waffles. When the wet ingredients are added to the mix, it blends into a perfect light pink, strawberry-filled mixture. This mix was made for lazy Sunday mornings under the June sunlight. Add some of the Peaches + Cream Cream Cheese spread on top with some maple syrup, and I promise your sweet tooth will be more than satisfied. 

3. Organic Tart Cherry Fruit Spread

Photo from Trader Joe's

This new tangy cherry jam is here just in time for the summer months and is a perfect addition to pretty much anything. The tart cherry flavors will pair perfectly with an English muffin and butter, or on a cheese board with brie cheese and fresh crunchy grapes. This jam is extremely versatile and brings out amazing flavors in just about anything you choose to put it on. You can elevate a simple PB&J by adding this fruit spread, and you’ll never want to eat it any other way.

4. Mango Mochi

Photo from Trader Joe's

If you’re anything like me, then you must love any kind of mochi you come across. Whether chocolate, vanilla, or anything in between, mochi is such a fun snack or dessert, especially during the summer months to cool you down after a long, hot July day. This new mochi on Trader Joe’s summer season list is a mango-flavored pack. These mango ice cream mochi bites are filled with a burst of sweet and tart mango ice cream and are enclosed by a sweet, chewy mochi rice dough. Mochi are small bites, however, they carry a whole lot of flavor inside of them and are more filling than you might think. I love having a couple of them for dessert, and you are filled up before you know it. This mango mochi will be the perfect afternoon snack this summer, as a refreshing kick of bright mango ice cream.

5. Danish Princess Pastry

Photo from Trader Joe's

The name of this pastry is pretty enough for me to buy it without even reading what it is. However, after reading it, I want it even more. This Danish pastry is a flaky dough filled with a creamy, custard-like, persipan-infused filling. That’s a mouthful – literally. This Danish pastry is made to feed several people and goes perfectly on a brunch platter for your Sunday brunch this summer. It can be enjoyed straight out of the package, or you can heat it in the oven for a few minutes for an even creamier and more delectable dish. This goes perfectly with a warm cup of coffee. Get this pastry while it's here, you’re going to love it.

6. Sparkling Guava Juice Beverage

Photo from Trader Joe's

Made with 50% guava juice, this beverage is a sweet, tropical oasis that has the perfect amount of fizz to quench your thirst on a hot summer's day. This canned drink comes in a four-pack and is the perfect addition to any cocktail or mocktail. Garnish with fresh berries or cucumbers to level up your beverage. This canned beverage is easy to bring to work for lunch, or for a picnic with friends, and everyone will love it. I'd recommend serving it chilled or over ice, to bring out those refreshing notes of guava, and maybe even add some freshly picked mint leaves for a fancy addition. Trust me, this will be the drink of the summer.

7. Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Breast

Photo from Trader Joe's

This boneless, skinless, pre-made chicken breast made with a blend of seasonings to create a chili lime flavor is exactly what you need in your fridge. This chicken is coated with chili powder, dried garlic, paprika, cumin, and lime juice, which is the perfect summer chicken. I don't know about you, but often in the middle of the week, I don’t feel like cooking my dinner from complete scratch. So, having this pre-made chicken already in my fridge is helpful and makes for an easy weeknight meal. Heat this sliced chicken in the oven, add it over freshly made pasta or rice, and you'll have yourself a delicious summer dinner, made in less than 20 minutes.

8. Calamari Pieces in Olive Oil 

If you’re a calamari-lover, you need to get this canned calamari from Trader Joe’s for an afternoon summer pick-me-up. The packaging for this caught my attention, as it looks straight out of a European summer day. The can is painted with beautiful orange and blue designs, drawing you in immediately. The more important part though, is what’s inside the beautifully painted can: the squid marinated in olive oil. This squid is caught off the coast of Spain, and once cleaned, cooked, and prepared, they are packed into this can with extra virgin olive oil and salt, to create the perfect snack. Add this canned calamari to any summer appetizer board, and you and your guests will love it.