Each week I do my best to stick to my grocery budget by following a few key rules. It is incredibly easy to overspend when you aren't paying close attention to the amount and price of each item you're choosing. Here are my easy ways to save on groceries by avoiding common mistakes, and other secrets to spending less!

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Anna Arteaga

Visit Multiple Stores

Visiting more than one grocery store while shopping is a great way to compare the prices of things you buy weekly. If you live in the Syracuse area, Aldi's is the perfect place to get all of your basics! Most of their produce is a fraction of the cost of their competitors produce and can save you quite a bit. They also have generic brands of products that taste exactly the same as the name-brands like Kind Bars and Lay's chips for way less!

Aldi's does not carry all the same varieties of products as Wegman's or Trader Joe's. And of course, it is ok to splurge on the items you know you enjoy! With all the money you have saved on your produce and other items, hit up another store to buy your faves. 

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Opt for Bulk Items

The bulk section of the grocery store displays unpackaged foods for a whole lot less than items that you may see in more flashy and expensive packaging. This section also allows you to only purchase what you need, eliminating any wasted products or money. 

Not only does shopping bulk save you money, but it also helps to save the environment! Staying away from flashy plastic bags, although intriguing, can help eliminate the waste in our landfills. For more environmentally friendly points, bring your own bags/containers to the bulk section and stock up.

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Caroline Ingalls

Stick to Your List

Everyones guilty of it - going to the grocery store without a list, SO HUNGRY and ready to buy everything in sight. Before you go to do your grocery shopping, make a list of what you will need to purchase in order to make an adequate amount of meals. It's best to plan this out so you can avoid over-shopping and purchasing the things you may not need

If you do buy too many things, you may find yourself throwing out the produce that has gone bad- it's like throwing away money! If you make a plan for the week, it is a lot less likely that you will be wasting food.

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Kirby Kelly

Opt For Generic Brands

I find that the best way to save a couple of cents is to go with the generic brand products like Market Pantry, Great Value, and Wegmans Brand products. It may be pennies, but they add up! A few things that I go for are the generic brand grated cheeses, crackers, and peanut butter. You truly can't go wrong with them and they taste just like their more expensive competitors!

Of course, if you have a couple of things that are your go-to products, and you trust the name brand, go for it! By saving on your other generic brand items, it makes it a more affordable trade-off. 

Next time you plan to grocery shop, stick to these tips and see how much you can save on your weekly trips!