Pancakes, who doesn’t love them? Although the classic, sweet, and fluffy breakfast is a Sunday brunch favorite, plain pancakes just don't cut it anymore. Do not fret, after countless hours scrolling through Pinterest and the Food Network, I have compiled a list of eight ways to upgrade your basic pancake mix without requiring the skills of an Iron Chef.

The first step to all of these glorious pancakes is to make your favorite pancake mix. If you are anything like me you use the complete box mix and just have to add water. Next just add one of these mix-ins and instantly make Sunday brunch irresistible.

Jillian Ferry

1. Cinnamon

Can’t decide between eating a cinnamon roll or a pancake for breakfast? Worry no more, just add some cinnamon to your pancake mix and get the best of both worlds. Even better top off this stack of gold with some cream cheese frosting for a true cinnamon roll experience 

2. Vanilla 

To get these fancy pancakes, just a tablespoon or two of vanilla extract to your mix to make this morning sweet treat. I know what you are thinking and yes, it really is that simple to make your morning better.

#SpoonTip: pair this with another mix-in to really feel bougie. 

Jillian Ferry

3.  Hot Chocolate

Cocoa mix + pancake batter = the perfect combination. Mix in some cocoa mix and a bit extra water to pancake batter and top off the stack with some marshmallows or chocolate chips to get these delectable Swiss Miss style pancakes. 

4. Banana 

The band Surfaces once said “banana pancakes for my problems” and this does exactly that. Solve your morning problems by adding in some thin banana slices into the already poured pancakes. If you want to jam to the Surfaces while making these delicious pancakes click here

5. Chocolate Chip 

Everyone’s favorite childhood pancake can still be eaten into our adult years. Pour your pancake batter and add all the chocolate chips your heart desires. If you want to mix it up, even more, add dark chocolate, white chocolate or butterscotch chips instead. 

Jillian Ferry

6.  Chocolate Banana

A perfect way to be “healthy” while still getting in your daily dose of chocolate. Just like the banana pancakes add some thin slices of banana and then some chocolate chips. If banana splits are your favorite summer treat top these pancakes off with some whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Jillian Ferry

7. Blueberry

A great way to get your fruits in your diet in the morning is to add some fresh or frozen blueberries to your pancake batter. The best part is when you get to cut into the pancakes and they turn purple. 

8. Oreo

Did anyone say dessert for breakfast? Convince all your friends that Oreos are in fact made for the morning. Just add some chopped Oreos to your pancake batter after it gets poured onto the pan.

With all of these mix-ins, your mornings are sure to be flipping fantastic (get it because we flip pancakes?) Invite all your friends over and have a pancake party, or keep them all to yourself.