Last night, I could barely sleep, but when I did, I awoke in a cold sweat, fearing for the future. Lately, although no one’s asked me to marry them, I’ve been really stressed about finding someone to cater my wedding. Thankfully, this morning, Twitter was buzzing with good news. McDonald’s will now cater weddings. Of course, with all things too good to be true, there’s a catch. You can only order the wedding package in Indonesia. So, I guess it’s a destination wedding. Don’t worry, your family and friends will forgive you when they find that McDonald’s is catering. Here’s everything you need to know about getting your McDonald’s wedding catering.

What does the McDonald’s wedding catering package include?

For $200, your wedding guests have access to 100 chicken sandwiches and 100 four-piece chicken nuggets. You save around $100 by opting for the wedding package instead of ordering everything individually. For additional fees, you can add McFlurries and other McDonald’s favorites to your order. Apple pies instead of wedding cake, anyone?

Can I host my wedding at McDonald’s?

Unfortunately, the wedding package doesn’t include hosting your wedding at an Indonesian McDonald’s location. That said, for $380, you can get married at a Hong Kong McDonald’s. This includes heart balloons, a balloon bouquet, and even a Double Apple Pie Box Cake Display. For additional fees, you can include a variety of different food options in the catering. And, if this seems strange, chain restaurants, like Taco Bell and Cracker Barrel (‘I Said Yes’ Sweepstakes), have at one time or another hosted weddings or offered wedding packages.

Twitter reactions to the McDonald’s wedding package

Twitter is certainly “lovin’ it.” @hmelvinn is saving up all his McDonald’s rewards and @heycaressa writes “I would so do the McDonald’s catering package at my wedding, me and my man love @McDonalds lol.”