Ah, everyone's favorite Golden Arches. McDonald's was born in 1940, when brothers Richard ("Dick") and Maurice ("Mac") McDonald opened the first restaurant in San Bernardino, California. Today, McDonald's has over 36,000 locations worldwide.

Before this popular food joint became a world-renowned sensation, however, the original menu was extremely simple (with only nine items). By limiting the number of choices available, the customers received their food faster (hence the name, "fast food"). Here are the nine items that were on McDonald's very first menu.

1. Pure Beef Hamburger

The original McDonald's hamburger is where it all began. Today, most burgers at McDonald's are super cheap. However, way back in 1940, a McDonald's hamburger only cost 15 cents. 

2. Tempting Cheeseburger

For only 19 cents, you could get a satisfying, juicy, irresistible cheeseburger at McDonald's. Those were the days! Fortunately, it's still only a dollar for your childhood favorite. 

3. Triple Thick Shakes (Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla)

Nothing is more nostalgic than an extra thick, rich, and creamy milkshake from McDonald's after a long day of school or work. Before the Shamrock Shake, the only flavors available were vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. This sweet treat only cost 20 cents back in the 40s. 

4. Golden French Fries

ketchup, french fries
Alex Frank

The most iconic McDonald's menu item is also everyone's favorite: french fries. Way back when the first McDonald's restaurant opened in 1940, fries only cost 10 cents. Today, the fries are an iconic part of the company image. 

5. Root Beer

Just like all of the other drinks that were sold at the original McDonald's restaurant, root beer only cost a dime. I bet the root beer would've tasted good with some of that creamy vanilla soft serve we all enjoy today.

6. Steaming Hot Coffee

When the first McDonald's opened in 1940, a cup of coffee was only 10 cents. Of course, McCafe has evolved to a great extent, and you can still get your morning joe (iced or hot) for a much lower price than any specialty coffee shop. 

7. Full-Flavor Orange Drink

History tells us that the Full-Flavor Orange Drink (also known as Orangeade), may have been similar to the Orange Lavaburst Hi-C. Whatever this drink was, it sounds tasty and nostalgic. As a bonus, it only cost 10 cents back in the day. 

8. Refreshing Cold Milk

milkshake, dairy product, sweet, dairy, cream, yogurt, milk
Aakanksha Joshi

Kids have always needed strong bones. Luckily for parents, ice cold milk has always been available at McDonald's. In 1940, however, they unfortunately didn't yet serve those delicious cookies to go with it. 

9. Thirst-Quenching Coke

McDonald's has always proudly served Coke, and I guess some things just never change. Second to shakes, nothing pairs better with those salty golden french fries than an ice cold Coca-Cola. 

These nine items essentially paved the way for modern day fast food culture. Without these nine delicacies, we would not have all of our iconic menu items like Frappes, Big Macs and Egg McMuffins. Next time you head to your local Golden Arches, appreciate the fast food industry and the evolution of McDonald's.