If you could blend two snacks from your childhood, what would the two snacks be? Regardless of what your immediate pairings would be, it’s bound to be nostalgia overload. You might have the same feeling with Jell-O’s first flavor collaboration in over a decade. The snack/dessert classic collabed with Girl Scouts for the new Girl Scout Pudding Cups, featuring two flavors.

What are the new Girl Scout Pudding Cups flavors?

The two snack/dessert brands have brought two new pudding cups in Thin Mints and Coconut Caramel cookie flavors.

Let’s get into the flavoring. The Thin Mints Pudding Cup features dark chocolate pudding with Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie crumble and the Coconut Caramel Pudding Cup features caramel-flavored pudding with Girl Scout Coconut Caramel cookie crumble. The cookie crumble is stored in a separate container to pour into the pudding cup, a new format for enjoying the pudding cups.

Starting this month, the Jell-O Girl Scout Pudding Cups will be available in two-packs, as shown in candyhunting’s Instagram post, at retailers across the United States for $2.99.

If you’d like to create your own version of these pudding cups, opt for mixing the two at home. Grab your favorite Jell-O pudding cup and Girl Scout Cookies — make sure to crumble the cookies, of course — to make a copycat dessert or snack. Who knows, you can even come up with new flavor profiles — Lemonades with vanilla pudding or Do-si-dos and dark chocolate pudding are pairings that immediately come to mind. However, since Girl Scout cookies season is between January and April, the new Jell-O and Girl Scout collaboration will definitely satisfy the craving.