Dedicated viewers of Love Is Blind will already be very familiar with the show’s infamous gold goblets, which contestants use as vessels for their (frequent) wine consumption. Some fans have speculated that the opaque goblets are a strategic choice to help with continuity of scenes. Because viewers can’t see how much wine is left in the glass, editors have more flexibility to reorder clips. Regardless of the reasoning behind them, the golden wine glasses are iconic. Twitter user @carrieleelily even asked “Did #LoveIsBlind production get a deal on gold wine glasses? They’re in every scene! Can they be nominated for an Emmy?”

Fans of the show can already purchase the signature goblets from the Love Is Blind merch collection, available in Netflix’s online shop for $20, along with a mixology kit ($30) and a small selection of tumblers ($25-$30). However, it appears that Netflix will soon be expanding its collection with a potential Love Is Blind wine. On May 3rd, the streaming giant filed a trademark application for the phrases “Love Is Blind” and “Love Is Wine”, TMZ reports.

Will Netflix release a Love Is Blind wine?

In the application, Netflix cited several possible uses for the “Love Is Wine” and “Love Is Blind” trademarks, including wine, spirits, liqueurs, and “alcoholic beverages except beer.” Apparently beer isn’t classy enough for reality TV. Or maybe the trademark “Love Is Beer” was already taken? Luckily for reality TV watching beer-lovers, if you have your heart set on Love Is Blind beer, you can get a Love Is Blind IPA from Cloudburst Brewing in Seattle.

Will there be other Love Is Blind wine products?

Netflix also listed some potential branded products such as insulated beverage containers, cups, drinkware, snacks, and even cake molds. Watch parties may be about to get a major upgrade! Imagine sipping Love Is Blind wine from a “Love Is Wine” goblet while eating Love Is Blind cake, all while watching Love Is Blind. It’s a little meta, but it also sounds amazing. Unfortunately, there is no timeline yet on when you’ll be able to live this dream in real life. The trademark application is still pending approval, and Netflix has yet to release any details on the planned merch line. But bookmark this page as we will keep our reality TV-loving eyes peeled for any LIB wine.