If you thought Love Is Blind Season 3 was messy, just wait until you watch the newly released season 4. Only five episodes in, and the drama already has the internet in an uproar. So far, I absolutely love the cast members who are loyal and empathetic. But I mute my TV every time a mean girl opens their mouth (IYKYK). 

As an avid binge watcher and a pasta addict, I can't help but brainstorm different dishes I would be serving each cast member this season to represent their behavior. Five episodes in, and I already know that not everyone deserves a cheesy bowl of tortellini pasta. Here are my thoughts on the cast and what meal I would serve each person, based on how they have acted in the episodes so far.


Although Kwame seems to be a nice candidate for a husband based on his conversations in the pod with Micah, he quickly flipped when rejected by her. Yes, he was heartbroken and upset. But Kwame’s choice to propose to Chelsea seemed like he was choosing her for the wrong reasons. Even though the newly engaged couple was very lovey-dovey on their honeymoon trip, Kwame cannot stop talking to or looking at Micah. In a teaser giving us a sneak peak at the next batch of episodes, we see both Kwame and Micah discussing whether or not they made a mistake in not choosing each other. Chelsea deserves so much better! As carrots are a vegetable known for improving eye health, I would give Kwame a carrot cake. It will better his eyesight, and hopefully he can see what’s right in front of him…Chelsea!


Now, let’s debrief Chelsea. She is beautiful and super affectionate with Kwame. Love really did seem blind for her until she set her boundaries — ones that do not move. She is a woman who is not going to be fooled and was immediately suspicious of Kwame’s interactions with Micah. She called him out for being disrespectful, and he had no choice but to stay silent. Why marry a man who has to be lectured on respect? I would give Chelsea a nice grilled salmon to boost her energy, followed by a side of espresso, so she gets the energy to run away from Kwame.


I think the world just found Will Smith’s doppelgänger, and that is Marshall. He is so incredibly cute and loving. When his fiancée, Jackie, had an emotional breakdown, he refused to leave her side, helping to calm her down. Throughout the episodes, Marshall has been so loyal to Jackie, fighting for her whenever she has doubts. He is so patient and emotionally available. I would give him a gourmet meal of filet mignon with a side of asparagus and soft mash potatoes covered in warm butter. He deserves it.

Jackelina (Jackie)

One thing about Jackie is that she will be honest with you. She is the friend you need to keep it real, and she will not feed into your delusions. She is also absolutely beautiful and seems to be so loving towards Marshall. Unlike Micah and Irena, Jackie has her eyes on Marshall only. So far, she is my favorite on the show. Even when she has to decide between Marshall and Josh, she stayed loyal to Marshall and became so emotional when she doesn’t want to hurt Josh. How precious. I would give Jackie an Italian dinner with two pasta dishes for variety. One of them would be a dish of warm tortellini coated in a cream sauce with spinach and sun dried tomatoes. The other would be a classic penne pasta with a red meat sauce and parmesan cheese. This time, she doesn't have to choose.


As a pre-law student, I was fangirling when I saw a criminal defense attorney on the show. But that faded quickly. He is an odd one (after all, he lied about the song he sang to Irina), but I do feel bad for how Irina treated him. Let’s not feel too bad, though.

When Zack was between Bliss and Irina, he went for the woman who forgot his birthday and didn’t get him a present. Bliss baked him cupcakes. Once Irina rejected him during their honeymoon, he dropped the sweet-guy act and had the audacity to meet with Bliss after leaving the honeymoon. *Sigh* They always realize what they've lost once they lose it. I would give Zack a plain bagel with a black coffee because he has no personality or flavor.


My biggest pet peeve is girls who don’t support girls. Throughout the beginning episodes, Irina is not being supportive, laughing at other women's heartbreak. She even betrays her best friend on the show, Micah, by calling Paul attractive and trying to make a move on him, as shown in the teasers for the following episodes. Irina also fought Bliss for Zack just to end up treating him terribly. Love was not blind for Irina, unfortunately. I would feed Irina swordfish because she is fishy and toxic.

Brett, Tiffany, & Paul

Image By @loveisblindnetflix

You might be wondering why I grouped these three together. On the show, all of them are completely neutral. So far, they haven’t started any drama but also have not stood out. Brett and Tiffany are such an unproblematic couple, enjoying each other’s company while falling more in love. If they do not make it to the altar, I will be so surprised.

Although Paul’s fiancée, Micah, has been problematic, Paul himself appears to be so laid back. I would feed all of them a bowl of yellow rice, grilled chicken, and vegetables. Simple, but tasty.


While Micah has been able to hide her mean girl better than Irina, especially when she’s with Paul, I do not like her. Just like Irina, she also laughed at Amber’s heartbreak. It also seems as though she is entertaining Kwame’s advancements, but Paul is too relaxed to notice. The teasers for the following episodes reveal how she begins showing more interest in Kwame. Although I don’t think Paul is anything special, he has been nice. I would feed Micah a plate of firecracker chicken, so the spice would snap her out of this mean girl era and make her appreciate Paul.