As a lover of both wine and Netflix documentaries, I have spent way too much time exploring the subject. Wine holds incredible significance within many cultures and regions of the world, and is something that not only tastes amazing, but has so much history within it. Here are the 4 best Netflix documentaries for wine lovers you don't want to miss if you want to open your eyes to the world of wine, wine makers, and sommeliers. 

1. Somm

Director: Jason Wise - 2012

This intense documentary follows the lives of four American men working for the incredibly prestigious and difficult to attain title of Master Sommelier. Since the exam started, only 158 Americans have been able to get this title, and only 249 people worldwide. To pass this exam, these men must focus their entire lives leading up to the exam on the study of wine, everything from understanding how to handle the most difficult of customers, to being able to know a wine's region, age, and type just by  the taste and smell. It's an interesting look into the lives of those whose passion for wine rules their life. 

2. Somm - Into the Bottle

Director: Jason Wise - 2015

The second film from the director of Somm, this movie takes a deeper dive into the product that was the passion of the stars of the first movie. This movie is wonderful because it showcases many different facets that have changed wine throughout the years, including politics, history, and tradition. It explores how wine is actually made, as well they mystery and sometimes total bs that surrounds that process. It tries to take the inherent complexity that has been build up around wine, and instead showcase the history and culture in a way that is accessible to all people. 

3. A Year in Champagne

Director: David Kennard - 2014

Part of a trio of films, but the only one available on Netflix, A Year in Champagne follows wine makers in the Champagne region of France for an entire production cycle, seeing how the process changes throughout the year. It's an incredible view into the history and family dedication that goes into wine production, and the long term planning of wine growers and creators. If you become as intrigued as I did watching this, the other two in the series, A Year in Burgundy and A Year in Port, are available to rent and purchase on iTunes. 

4. Decanted

Director: Nick Kovacic - 2016

Decanted takes a look into one of the newest wine regions in the world, Napa Valley, and the wine makers who are calling it home. It mostly follows the start of the Italics Winegrowers, which is hoping to make its start in the valley, and other established wine growers of the region. Looking at the hardships, the beauty, and the genuine love of creating wine makes this move a perfect looking into the American wine industry. 

Now if these movies get you into the mood for wine (or if you're always in the mood for wine), check out this or this article to learn the proper etiquette for wine tasting.