There’s always some hit bottle or tumbler of the season that goes on everyone’s holiday wishlist. First it was the Hydro Flask, then it was the Stanley tumbler, but now makeup is getting into the game with the new Glossier’s Classic Tumbler. 

What is the Glossier Tumbler?

Glossier, a skincare and beauty brand known for its minimalist design, released a holiday tumbler that sold out very quickly in stores in the U.S.

The 16-ounce stainless steel tumbler is meant to keep your winter beverages hot (or cold) and has a pink BPA-free plastic cup-lid. The side features the white Glossier logo and the phrase a “Cup of Cheer” in script. The pink lid also functions as a cup to pour your beverage into from the tumbler.

Photo via @glossier/Instagram

How much is the Glossier Tumbler?

The Glossier Tumbler originally sold in stores for $36 dollars. But now, because they are out of stock, the tumblers are being resold on sites like Mercari for anywhere from $90 to $120. Some listings even have them priced as much as $265 on Poshmark.

Will there be a Glossier Tumbler restock?

According to a recent story post on Glossier’s Instagram, the brand said that tumblers are being restocked in Glossier stores in the United States today. While this is great news for American fans of the brand, people outside of the U.S. are disappointed.

Sure, you can probably pick up a water bottle or insulated travel mug for a lot less that can be your own cup of cheer this holiday season, but this one is way cuter.