My personal favorite part of watching football games isn't the commercials, plays, or even the snacks. It's the dances the players do when they score a touchdown. And last week, Shake Shack announced it would reward us for that if one NFL football player celebrated a touchdown with the chicken dance during any given game on Sunday, November 12. The plan was for the chain to give out free chicken sandwiches if that happened. Sadly, not a single player celebrated with this dance, meaning no free sandwiches were given out Sunday. 

How to get a free chicken sandwich from Shake Shack

Lucky for us, Shake Shack felt like starting Christmas early this year, and despite the fact that no player did the chicken dance, the fast casual chain is still making our dreams come true. Now through November 19, fans can order a free Chicken Shack sandwich by using the promo code CHICKENDANCE at checkout at either a Shake Shack online or in store. The Chicken Shack sandwiches together crispy chicken, fresh lettuce and pickles, and an herb mayonnaise in between a potato bun — yeah, our mouths are watering too. Keep in mind that the deal requires a $10 minimum, so make sure to order a drink, some fries, and maybe another goodie to go along with your tender sandwich.

How to get free chicken nuggets from Wendy’s

In other fast food chicken news, Wendy’s is also offering chicken freebies for the next two months. Every Wednesday, the chain restaurant is offering customers free six-piece chicken nuggets with their purchase through the end of the year. The deal is available only through the Wendy’s app or online.