One of my fondest memories with my father, a restaurant owner and fellow "foodie", is waiting in line an hour before the 10 am opening on a Sunday just to get a fried chicken sandwich. Now, you are probably thinking, "Who eats fried chicken at 10 am in the morning?" Well, the answer is "I do" and so do the twenty or so other people in their pajamas eagerly waiting in line at Cutty's in Brookline to get their hands on this special sandwich. Cleverly named, the "Super Cluckin' Sunday," this sandwich is sure to take home the trophy. 

As of now, the beloved sandwich shop is rotating between their classic BBQ Ranch sandwich and their OG Honey Mustard sandwich. You can't go wrong with either as they both contain the star of the show: Cutty's fried chicken. Comfortably nestled between a buttery sesame brioche bun is a thick, perfectly crispy—and not too greasy—piece of buttermilk fried chicken. 

BBQ Ranch

This is first one I ever tasted from Cutty's. I dislike ranch dressing and BBQ sauce on their own, but somehow Cutty's superbly harmonizes the two making these condiments the perfect addition to their delicious fried chicken. The shredded iceberg lettuce and thinly sliced sweet onion round out this beautiful sandwich.

OG Honey Mustard

This year was the first time I tried the honey mustard style and boy was I missing out. I have always loved the combination of honey mustard and chicken tenders (even more so than ketchup) so in my mind this is an ideal combination. With the addition of Cabot sharp cheddar (my personal favorite), mayo, and of course the iceberg lettuce and sweet onion, I think this is my new favorite

Emma Stoloff

Luckily for you, the Super Cluckin' Sunday Webpage provides you with all the information you need to successfully obtain one of these delicious sandwiches. 

Right now, they are taking online orders the Monday before at 10 AM. Don't forget to set a reminder so you can order before they sell out! Trust me, you won't want to miss this.