"Do you want Edchup with that?" the sign read.

Ed Sheeran warmed up for his Saturday night concert in Chicago by serving up hot dogs at the Wieners Circle, a hot dog joint famous for its employees hurling verbal insults at its customers in good jest. According to the Wieners Circle social media manager Ragen Eggert, Sheeran served up 100 hot dogs during his 10-minute shift just before the star performed to a record-breaking crowd of 73,000 fans at the Soldier Stadium. Although the Grammy-winning musician himself avoided partaking in the colorful language along with the employees, multiple photos and videos show him thoroughly enjoying his shift as a hot dog worker.

“Our newest trainee @edsheeran has a lot to learn, he’s way too proper and friendly,” the Wieners Circle tweeted.

Despite Sheeran’s compliance with the hot dog stand’s signature foul-mouthed banter and service, fans were excited to see and even receive their hot dogs from the artist. "Watching Ed Sheeran behind The Wieners Circle counter passing out hot dogs was so funny," one customer and fan reported to CBS News. "I'm so glad I got to witness it! How cool is it that Ed Sheeran gave me a hot dog?"

Ed Sheeran reciprocated the sentiment by posting a video of himself on Instagram working his hot dog shift while smiling ear to ear. “Served hot dogs at today. This place is legendary [in] Chicago for serving hot dogs and insulting their customers. I loved it. See you at the stadium tonight x,” the caption read.

Ed Sheeran isn’t the only celebrity to be reported in sightings working at fast food operations. The six-time Grammy nominated singer Lana Del Rey, best known for her glamorous, old-money aesthetic, was just spotted by fans working at a Waffle House in Florence, Alabama. Prince William also shocked the public by serving veggie burgers to customers at a food truck in South London. Who knows, we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for celebrity servers the next time we dine out.