Around this time of year, the grocery store is stocked with an array of seasonal spring goodies. Of course, this includes all things Peeps, the new Churro Oreo flavor, deliciously crisp seasonal fruits and veggies, and blooming flowers ready to make a gorgeous centerpiece on your dining room table. Uniquely, another seasonal grocery store treat can be found in the soda aisle. If you're perusing the stock of LaCroix, Starry, and Dr. Pepper, you might come across an odd marker in the Coca-Cola section. On standard two-liter bottles of the classic soda, some red caps will be replaced with yellow caps during this time of year. So, why do Coca-Cola yellow caps only appear in the spring and what do they signify? Here's everything to know about that unique yellow cap. 

Why does Coca-Cola use yellow caps on some two-liter bottles?

In a recent viral video, Instagram user @snackeatingsnackss noted that Coca-Cola does this around Passover. (This year, Passover runs from April 22 to 30.) The yellow cap denotes that the soda is made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup, as Kosher Jewish individuals do not consume corn during the holiday. Corn, legumes, and other grains are called "kitniyot" and are not to be consumed during Passover.  Each yellow cap dons a special sign, the "hechsher" certifying that it is Rabbi-approved, following Jewish religious law. 

The sugar cane cola tastes just like the Mexican Coke that Americans are utterly obsessed with. Fortunately, the yellow-capped Coca-Cola will remain the same price as the red-capped ones in your local supermarket. So, if you're a fan of the taste of Coke made with real cane sugar, be sure to grab one. Of course, don't take the whole lot as these are made special for our Kosher pals.