It's true, people can get pretty crazy about their signs. Like OMG, Mercury is in retrograde! I guess I have to marry a Virgo now, and I should be extra cautious of people being nice to me today. If you believe in the power of the stars, you can base a lot of your choices on what the stars say—even down to the LaCroix flavor you should drink.

Whether you believe in all this stuff or it just leaves you confused, here are the flavors of LaCroix you should drink based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Peach Pear

You're an independent woman/man and don't need no simple flavor. You like new and exciting things, aka peach doesn't cut it, and neither does pear. Peach-pear, though, is something new and different. Therefore, you obvi have to try it because you thrive off of anything not #basic.

Pisces: Cran-Raspberry

You're balancing your sensitive and gentle side with your artsy and friendly side. Like, you wanna go out with your friends and be social, but you also wanna lay in your bed and watch a documentary. Therefore, you need a drink that is a little bit of both. The cranberry side is more subtle and reserved, while the raspberry side is full of pizazz and will motivate you to change into going out clothes and wash it down with vodka

Aries: Lime

You are confident, enthusiastic, and optimistic. You know how to put the lime in the coconut, and you will be the one to shake it all up. The green coloration on the can is bright and cheery, reflecting your positive outlook toward all things. Cause hey, even if you're having a sh**ty day, at least you are #blessed to drink such a delicious drink.

Taurus: Pure

You're patient and practical. With your rational and level-headedness, you probably never impulsively buy cookies at 2 am. Lucky you. The "pure" flavor is for you. With no flavoring, it is practical and knows it doesn't need a distinct flavor to make it taste good.

Gemini: Orange

You are gentle and affectionate. Kinda like your mom always tells you to eat oranges and drink OJ when you're sick, people love to hang out with you when they need a reboot of energy. The citrusy flavor and warm color is sure to fit your aesthetic.

Cancer: Tangerine

You are imaginative and emotional, yet also kind of manipulative—aka, you know you're not just an orange. You are a freakin' tangerine. You're probably the person who didn't tell anyone that they applied early decision to a college, and thrive off of wearing socks that don't match (I'm talking polka dots on the left and a solid color on the right). You describe the color as not orange, but "a light shade of tangerine."

Leo: Coconut

You are innovative and passionate, yet dramatic. Coconut water is overrated, and you know it. You deserve a unique drink with an intense flavor, just like you. Try the coconut flavor to channel your creative side and shake things up.

Virgo: Lemon

You are shy, kind, and analytical. Like the lemon flavor, you are also zesty and sharp. But, your smartness sometimes turns into overthinking, like when you don't get a text back for two minutes and 33 seconds. Don't worry, though, this lemon flavor is simple and delicious. You'll have nothing to stress about when you drink this.

Libra: Berry

You are indecisive and avoid confrontation. Naturally, you should drink the flavor that doesn't know what it really is. It doesn't want to decide if it's more of a strawberry or a blueberry. So, it doesn't pick sides, and instead is just "berry." We both know you haven't slept in days because the huge decision of which LaCroix flavor to buy next has been hanging over your head. Fear no more.

Scorpio: Piña Frase

You are resourceful and brave. You deserve a drink that is just as brave as you are. Pineapple mixed with strawberry? Ballsy. This is the perfect flavor for you to show off how daring you are. Plus, it probably makes a delicious low-cal mixed drink. Classic you, being resourceful and all.

Sagittarius: Passionfruit

You speak your mind and have plenty of opinions. It's only appropriate that Drake sings a song about the flavor you should drink. Just as Drake is open about the way he feels and belts it out, so do you. You're honest that you only love your bed and your momma.... and Passionfruit LaCroix. I'm sorry.

Capricorn: Pamplemousse

You're kind of a know-it-all, but it's OK. If someone ever offered you a grapefruit-flavored drink, you'd smile and ask for Pamplemousse instead. You' already know that the word simply means grapefruit in French, because you instantly Googled it before cracking open your first can back in the day.

Next time you are craving a light and refreshing beverage, try the LaCroix flavor that fits your sign. You'll feel more balanced and aligned, or at least hydrated.