Trader Joe’s is really the grocery store equivalent of beaming smiles and radiant joy. From its Hawaiian shirts, stuffed animal scavenger hunts, and show-stopping calligraphy, the whole place radiates wholesome energy. To add onto this list of perks and joys, you might be able to get free flowers from Trader Joe’s on special occasions.

When can I get free flowers from Trader Joe’s?

At certain Trader Joe’s stores, customers can be treated to fresh flowers for special occasions like their birthdays. “This is a PSA. Did y’all know that on your birthday, Trader Joe’s will give you a bouquet of free flowers?” TikToker Mary Rose Demouy (@maryrosedemouy) said in a video. In it, she shows how she successfully received a bouquet of fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s on her birthday. “It worked!” she said with a glowing smile.

How can I get free flowers from Trader Joe’s?

Birthdays aren’t the only reason you can get free flowers from Trader Joe’s. Free bouquets can be given out to customers celebrating special occasions or losing a loved one. These are warm and generous gestures from Trader Joe’s staff that can really make customers’ days. Natalie Royal worked at Trader Joe’s from 2013 to 2014, and she shared some of her heartwarming gestures for customers while she worked at the grocery store. She shared that Trader Joe’s gave employees permission to toss out freebies to customers. “I was given the complete freedom to dazzle them how I saw fit,” Royal told The Sun. Once, Royal gave a free pint of ice cream along with a plastic spoon to a woman who had just been dumped. On another occasion, Royal tossed an extra bag of frozen chicken tikka masala into a customer’s bag for extra luck at his upcoming job interview.

However, these small and random acts of kindness aren’t to be taken for granted at every Trader Joe’s. Some employees who’ve been working at Trader Joe’s say they’ve never heard of being allowed to hand out freebies to customers, so it really depends from store to store. But if it’s your birthday and you’re stopping by Trader Joe’s for some celebratory treats, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to ask about their free flowers!