It’s August, which means we’re already gearing up for autumn. With 1989 (Taylor’s Version) on the way, I’m so pumped for a season of 2014 nostalgia…chunky sweaters, big scarves, dessert-themed makeup palettes. But one thing can stay firmly in 2014, IMO. The Pumpkin Spice Latte. This hot, bland bevvy has haunted us with its annual return every year since 2003. I’m sorry, but I’m so over it.

It’s time for something fresh and, given the rising global temps, cold. Enter the Whole Foods Iced Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Latte. The drink has gone viral for its delicious autumnal flavor and reasonable price point, at least in comparison to Starbucks (I’m sorry, I just can’t stomach paying over $6 for a coffee). TikTok user @morgan_courtney_ calls the BBCCCL (short for the drink's very long full name) “actually gas.” According to the barista, the secret sauce is pumpkin pie syrup and caramel. This has nothing to do with brown butter or chocolate chip cookies, but whatever. As long as it tastes good, I’m not asking questions.

Morgan ordered the drink made with oat milk and only one pump of each sweet flavoring. “It’s actually so good, you need to go get this,” she said. And good news for penny-pinching beverage enthusiasts like myself. Morgan reports that the drink rang up at only $4.60 after tax. Of course, this may vary by location, but that’s a pretty sweet deal for an iced autumnal treat.

What does the Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Latte taste like?

And Morgan isn’t the only one singing the BBCCCL’s praises. In her review, TikTok user @laurenmio reports that “it tastes just like a chocolate chip cookie.” I’m imagining the milk after you crumble your chocolate chip cookie in it, let it turn into mush, and stir. Everyone does that, right? Anyway…I think we can all agree that liquid cookie sounds incredible. I’m so pumped to head over to my local Whole Foods and try this out. Some critics have called this drink too sweet (is there such a thing? Yeah…sadly there is), so I will probably order it half sweet, or like Morgan, with only one pump of each syrup.

Is the Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Latte available at my Whole Foods?

Unfortunately, the Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Latte is not currently available at all Whole Foods locations. You can check in advance by putting your store location into the Whole Foods website and searching “latte.” It will show up as “Brown Butter Latte” if available at your local store. But, for some reason, it won’t come up if you search “brown butter latte.” Because IDK, the Whole Foods website hates us.

Of course, you could always just order an iced coffee with pumpkin pie syrup and caramel and hope for the best. And even if you can’t get your hands on the BBCCCL, hey, you’re already at Whole Foods. Silly little beverages and adorably packaged snacks abound. As Tom from Parks and Rec would say, treat yo’self!