We sat down with some workers from our favorite college bar to get the dirt on the not so fun shenanigans that go down at Hilligans. Whether these things include you or not here's how to navigate the sweet, sweet world of Hilly's without becoming a bartender's worst nightmare.

1. Shaking your credit card in the bartender's face

Just be patient and wait your turn, people. 

2. Not leaving a tip

Don't be that person who doesn't tip. Bartenders have it hard enough. (Pssst... here's some helpful hints for tipping in any situation. You're welcome.)

3. Yelling across the bar 

Asking your friend what they're getting or if they have to go to the bathroom can wait. 

4. Throwing up at the bar

Keep it classy, no one wants to see that. 

5. Throwing your trash on the ground, or in the toilet...

All they're askin', is for a little respect. 

6. Flicking your cigarettes on the ground 


7. Trying to kiss your server when you've had one too many


8. Using a fake ID that looks nothing like you 

Don't be stupid. 

9. Arguing about the fake ID that looks nothing like you

This isn't fun for anybody.

10. Taking up too much of your server's time

They've got other tables, let's wrap it up. 

11. Acting like hot shit because you're a regular 

We're all regulars.

12. Arguing about your tab 

Ain't nobody got time for that

13. Dropping your beer bottles on the floor

Why you gotta be that way?

14. Throwing up in cups 

It's time to call it quits at this point. 

15. Walking out on your tab (don't be stingy, guys)

You aren't as sneaky as you think. 

So there you have it folks; the ins and outs of Hilligans. Now there shouldn't be any excuses to act a fool. Keep these bad boys in the back of your head for the next time you wander down to our favorite college hangout...you won't be sorry. Is it your first time heading out to a bar? Learn how to survive your first night out. Happy drinking!