Spoon University is a food and lifestyle magazine online written by college students for college students. We write content that is relatable to everyday life at KSU and for people visiting the suburbs of Atlanta. This site is informative and overall pretty sick! Spoon also plans events for each campus to bring all the foodies together to eat and have fun. Spoon University at Kennesaw State University is a great community of writers, photographers, and videographers. So what are we looking for?

We are searching for lovers of food and the way of life. Positions that are available for students are writing, photography, videography, marketing, and editing. Whether you are a freshman or senior Owl, we are looking for you. If you are creative, media-driven student with concentration on journalism, marketing, communication, or art, you will be a perfect fit. You can apply here!

1. You will meet other food lovers on campus.

tea, coffee, beer
Betsy Kaplan

We will make a community. And maybe hang out. Maybe grab a bit to eat too! And maybe become best friends?

2. You will be able to prepare meals by yourself or with friends with more confidence.

Kristine Auble

If cooking isn't your strong suit then check out the Spoon recipes. Practice makes perfect and we are always open to practicing and EATING!

3. You can use what you learned from working with Spoon in your classes.

Working with Spoon, you will attend seminars about what section you want to work in. You can use this knowledge in school—or Spoon articles can even help you in school

4. You have an excuse to eat more (like that really matters)!

sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, pizza
Mikaela Orenstein

Food. Is there anything else to say? Food.

5. You can extend your reach to millions of views on Spoon University!

Photo by Josh Rose | Unsplash

joshsrose on unsplash

And who wouldn't want that?

6. You can put this on your future job applications (they love this)!

Photo by Juliette Leufke | Unsplash

jleufke on unsplash

As you're planning for the future, this is great to add to your resume. Plus if you get a director position, bonus points for you!

7. It is fun (I promise)

Everyone a part of Spoon University at Kennesaw State University are friends, we don't exclude anyone! We are all foodies at heart.