Taipei, Taiwan is home to street markets packed with flavor whether in the form of cheap bites or michelin star dim sum. Savory beef noodle, creamy oyster omelets, and sweet milk tea are only the beginning of the available food choices here. The Taiwanese diet has influences from mainland China as well as Japan. Pork, seafood, chicken, rice, and soy are very common ingredients. Here's what the average person in Taipei eats on a typical day in the city.

Breakfast: "Baozi" or Steamed Bun

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Walker Foehl

This traditional steamed bun is a perfect on-the-go bite. For only 20 Taiwanese dollars (less than 1 USD) you get pillowy steamed bread with savory fillings like pork or beef and spices. There are also vegetable options or the sweeter red bean paste steamed bun. The outside layer of the bun boasts a fluffy texture such as that of a doughy bagel.

Lunch: "Tang" and "Jiao Zi" or Soup and Dumplings

Walker Foehl

During lunch time the dozens of tiny shops lining the streets fill up with people slurping bowls of soup dumplings and noodles. Dim sum is a must. Order many different varieties of dumplings and dishes like wonton soup, leek and prawn shumai, or vermicelli rice noodles. Dim sum is much like tapas in Spanish cuisine and is great if you like to taste different dishes without getting full. 

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Walker Foehl

Afternoon: "Kafei" and "Naicha" or Coffee and Bubble Tea

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Taipei has a plethora of cute cafes where you can grab a coffee and afternoon snack. Great coffee with incredible latte art can be found all over the city; one of my favorites was Antopidean. You also must try Taiwan's famous milk tea. We loved the matcha and red bean flavors. They are creamy and the chewy boba adds an interesting texture. Bubble tea is something you can even make yourself.

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Walker Foehl

Dinner: "Dianxin" or Dim Sum

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Walker Foehl

For dinner we ate dim sum. This is a small plate style of eating where you can order many different dishes like shrimp dumplings, vermicelli in sesame sauce or the Taiwanese famous "stinky tofu."  Don't be scared of stinky tofu's odor. The fermented taste will remind you of kimchee and the savory and sour taste will excite your pallet. 

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Walker Foehl

Dessert: "Mangguo Baobing" or Mango Shaved Ice

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This mango shaved ice is perfect for a light and refreshing Taiwanese dessert.  First the ice is shaved and given a fluffy texture and then it's topped with chunks of fresh mango and  garnished with pickled fruit or sweetened condensed milk. This dessert packs in fresh, creamy, sweet and sour flavors that all work in harmony together and only come out to around three dollars. It is a must try while in Taiwan.