Whole Foods has been killing the grocery game recently (most likely because of the new Amazon deal that is reducing prices and making Alexa even more of an lol), and things are about to get better. They are opening a brand new store in Denver, Colorado next month, and there's gonna be a sick Whole Foods Mac and Cheese Bar that's going to revolutionize the prepared foods game. 

The Cheesy Deets

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Julia Gilman

In the brand new Whole Foods at Denver's Union Station, there's going to be a four-foot wide mac and cheese bar. Yes, you read that right— four feet of straight mac and cheese. That's bigger than my dorm room fridge, and I'm 100 percent okay with it. 

Since they got a lot of space to fill, you can expect some flavors beyond the OG macaroni. According to the Denver Post, options include "pulled pork BBQ mac and cheese, roasted tomato mac and cheese, and vegan mac and cheese." I would recommend grabbing a bit of everything because, ya know, balance is important in your diet. 

That Ain't All

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Shelby Cohron

I'm sure you're already overwhelmed by the amazingness that is this grocery store, but there is gonna be more amazingness than just the Whole Foods Mac and Cheese Bar. There will also be three restaurants, a poké bar, and a 100-pound cheese tower. Because that's what you need in your average grocery store. 

Sadly, Whole Foods is currently only bringing all of these offerings to their brand new Denver location. If you can't live without the Whole Foods Mac and Cheese Bar, you're going to have to head to the Rockies (though they have some pretty great food, so it may be worth it).