This season on The Bachelor...Arie Luyendyk Jr. is looking for the love of his life. Twenty-nine girls are desperate to meet and (hopefully) marry Arie. But when there's a large group of girls in one space, a whole lot of personalities are brought out! Which of these girls add up to your favorite food??? 

And who knows if the way to a girl's heart is a man, or cheese fries, chocolate, maybe even a juicy steak. Let's find out who you are, shall we! 

Ali: Pie

You're down to earth, kind, and have a great smile! You love the sensation of laughter from others and it brings you such joy. Just like pie, the softness of your heart lights up a room. When you smile, everyone's in awe. The aroma of when a pie comes out of the oven is heavenly.

Bekah M: Candy

You're sweet as can be! Bekah loves to binge-watch shows (I mean who doesn't?!) All you want to devour during your nighttime activity is something sweet or sour. 

You crave chocolate with your wine when you watch Grey's Anatomy, and feel the need to snack on sour gummies when consuming anything Nicholas Sparks related. Sometimes you just gotta eat some dark chocolate (which is just as bitter as Cersei) when watching Game of Thrones. These are all just some sweets for your binge-worthy shows!

Brittany T: Pizza

You're super cheesy just like pizza! You love to make people laugh and have fun with your friends. Do you play with the stringy/stretchy cheese from your slice? Brittany T. loves to play around with Bizkit (dog not pictured) and her girlfriends, or sometimes she just loves having a blast in life!

Caroline: Sushi

Your favorite food is sushi! There are many options when it comes to eating sushi (i.e. tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel, etc.). No, Caroline's personality isn't fishy, it's adventurous! Sushi isn't a favorite of many, but for those who love it, the possibilities are endless. Caroline went from Miss Massachusetts to Florida realtor. Trying new things is something you and Caroline share in common!

Lauren B: Cheese

You and Lauren B. are the life of the party...the entertainers! Cheese is always on your platters when hosting guests and you either have the super fancy cheese or the stinky cheese (but still high-end). Cheese can also pair well with different fruits, jams, wines, and of course bread. Guests will compliment your talent and ask about tips for their parties--congrats!

Brittane J: Ice Cream

Mmmm ice cream! Brittane J.'s guilty pleasure is a chocolate milkshake. You and her give off this chill vibe when you enter a room. Super down to earth, calm, and gentle are three traits to indulge in. Ice cream is something that a lot of people love and people surely enjoy your company!

Tia: Fruit

Your favorite food are fruits! Tia and you share a fair quality of sass. Both sweet and sour, your favorites can range from the taste of succulent mango, tart raspberries, or limes right after a tequila shot. You are super fun to be around, but if someone gets on your bad side, you immediately hit them with your attitude!

Maquel: Avocados

It's an avocado...thanks! You and Maquel are quite the quirky types. I mean doesn't she make a great lunch lady?! Avocados are interesting because they're fruits, but they're paired with many savory flavors and foods. You don't care if people look at you weird and you just do you. Also avocado can "friend" anyone, like toast, even mac and cheese. Yep opposites can attract!