I'm just your typical college girly—I like Grey's Anatomy, doing keg stands, and drinking way too much coffee, you know, the usual. However, there's a deep dark secret I've harbored for too long. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I'm reminded of the continual shame and embarrassment that comes along with it. Years of nervous laughter and bad excuses has led me here. I have never, ever, eaten pie.

Yeah, you read that right.

Tbh, there's no real hard solid reason. It's just that, whenever there's a pile of dessert in front of me, there's approximately 576939204 other things there that I know I like. Why would I waste my time, energy, and calories on something that I might hate?

So, after being called out on my "un-American" standard of dessert, I gave into the pressure and tried some damn pie. If we're being honest, I was totally blown away and pissed off at myself for missing out on this lil treat for the past 19 years of my life.

Let me start out by saying I may have been (definitely was) a little (VERY) hungover. This pie healed me. I brought two of my best friends along for the ride, and showed up to Mrs. Rowe's in Staunton, Virginia. This was cutest little place that you ever did see and had pie that was prettier than all of us. 

I decided on three pies to try: apple, cherry and a chocolate meringue.

pie, cake, blueberry, pastry, chocolate, sweet
Gillian Dukoff

First up: Apple

pie, apple pie, pastry, cake, sweet, dairy product
Gillian Dukoff

Holy sh*t what a pie to start off with. Just look at this bad boy. I was anxious, excited and hungry as hell so I dug right in. I couldn't believe that I had been missing out on this iconic dish for my entire life.

The apples were in perfect proportion to the crust and I literally couldn't stop eating. All too soon the slice was gone, and I was ready for pie number two—cherry.

Round 2: Cherry

strawberry, raspberry, jam
Gillian Dukoff

I cannot begin to express how nervous I was to try this pie. The only experience I had ever had with cherry was cough medicine my mom basically forced down my throat. Ever since then, I'd purposely avoided it like the plague.

Then suddenly, I was staring at the wonderful gooey monster you see above. Can I be frank? It tasted nothing like cough syrup. Who would've thought?!

Last but not least: Chocolate Meringue

cake, sweet, pastry, chocolate, cream, pie, cookie, candy, dairy product
Gillian Dukoff

Can I get a hell yeah to that pie? My only association I held with this pie was the chocolate pie from the dope book and movie, The Help. If you've read or seen it, you'd understand why I was a little hesitant in my preparations.

However, one look at this pie and I was put at ease and ready to chow down. It was the perfect way to end my pie exploration of a day. 

All in all, I'm feeling like the happiest girl in the world after trying pie. I'm also low-key ticked off at my parents for not forcing me to try it before this. If you're like me, and have neglected pie for your entire life, trust me and get out of your comfort zone and eat it.

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