One of best selling sparkling water brand in the US, LaCroix, has taken the country by storm. Continuously coming out with new, original flavors, this Wisconsin-based company never fails to please its loyal fans. 

With a total of 20 flavors, there's an option for everyone. If you need a little help deciding between all the tasty choices, I've got your back. Here's which flavor you should be drinking, depending on the month. 

January: Pure

New year, new you, right? Start off a new year with clean and fresh Pure LaCroix. Though unflavored, Pure LaCroix will refresh you and give you the energy you need to gear up for the new year ahead of you.

February: Passionfruit

Celebrate the month of love by drinking Passionfruit LaCroix. Bitter, yet sweet, this flavor tastes like the two feelings people can have during this time. Mix with orange juice and champagne for a passionfruit mimosa

March: Mango

Get excited for spring break season with Mango LaCroix. Even if you don’t go somewhere tropical for a vacation, sip on this flavor and transport yourself onto a sunny beach. Mix this flavor with mint leaves and some lime, and you’ll have yourself a refreshing mango mojito mocktail.  

April: Muré Pepino

As the school year is coming to a close and finals are quickly approaching, relax with Muré Pepino, which fuses cucumber and blackberry. Sweet and crisp, this drink can't help but help you unwind. Try the LaCroix Cúrate Blackberry Mint Smash for a fizzy treat

May: Apricot 

Okay, I know apricots are a less favored fruit compared to some of the classics, but May is the beginning of apricot season. Even if you don’t like the real deal, get a close second with this sweet seltzer. To make this flavor even better, try an Apricot Bellini or a LaCroix Apricot Fusion.

June: Lemon 

Start off the summer with a classic lemon seltzer that will immediately refresh you. Try mixing with lemon juice, rosemary, and agave juice for a sweet rosemary lemonade that will totally upgrade your summer BBQ. 

July: Lime

My personal favorite of the LaCroixs, Lime truly never fails to quench your thirst. The perfect relief on a hot summer day, Lime LaCroix is just the right amount of sour. Infuse with mint, lime, and crushed ice for a skinny summertime mojito. 

August: Berry

Keep summer berry season going by drinking fruity Berry LaCroix. A combo of summer's best berries, this flavor is sure to keep you cool on a hot day. Combine with cranberry juice, lime and blueberries for a tart faux cosmo.

September: Kiwi Sandía  

Hang on to the last moments of summer while sipping on Kiwi Sandia. A fusion of watermelon and kiwi, this flavor is crisp and summery. Mix with lime juice for a light spritzer, or blended watermelon for a sweet drink. 

October: Pomme Baya (Apple Berry)

Embrace the fall and all of the apple goodness it has to offer by sipping on a Pomme Bayá LaCroix. Crisp and sweet, this drink will taste like biting into an apple. Spice up normal apple cider by mixing some of this seltzer in, and you will have a cinnamony, fizzy refreshment. 

November: Cran-Raspberry 

November is the month of Thanksgiving, and with Thanksgiving comes cranberries. A tart flavor, this drink will pair perfectly with all of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Mix with Lime LaCroix and cherry juice for a holiday jubilee mocktail or try a "berry little christmas" for a perfect Christmas time drink. 

December: Coconut 

If cranberry drinks are not your thing or if you're missing warmer weather, drink a Coconut LaCroix and you'll immediately envision yourself on a tropical beach. It's like sipping from a real coconut, only with bubbles. Mix with pineapple juice and you have yourself a bubbly piña colada mocktail.

Check out all eight of LaCroix's other unique flavors, and be sure to try out some of their enticing recipes for the perfect drink for any event.