Think about some of your favorite USC frats. Now think about what they would be as foods... Need help? I gotchu. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite frats at the University of Southern California and decided which food they'd be based on the boys in each house.

To make sure I properly characterized each house, I did some serious research by talking to the boys and making an appearance at each of the house's parties. There was a wide variety of responses and every house offered a very different vibe. Fingers crossed I did 'em justice.

Phi Kappa Psi: Avo Toast

bread, fried egg, toast, avocado, egg
Dani Brown

It’s trendy, it’s Cali, and you don’t want to admit how much you love it—it’s avo toast. Everyone has a soft spot for it, and weekend after weekend you tell yourself you’ll get something else on the menu, but just like Phi Psi, why give up on something you know is gonna be good? 

Sigma Alpha Mu: Mac N Cheese

tortellini, dumpling, dough, ravioli, flour, pasta, cream
Natalie Beam

The Sammy boys are some of the nicest and most wholesome guys at SC. This is why their food counterpart is warm, delicious mac n’ cheese. No matter the time of day, it always sounds good, it’ll never let you down, and you know it’s going to be comforting as hell.

Sigma Chi: Açaí Bowl

strawberry, berry, vegetable
Megan Clarkson

Much like the artfully crafted açaí bowl, Sigma Chi boys are not only easy on the eyes, but a beachy California favorite. This house is full of surfer boys, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find one as sweet as a delicious smoothie bowl.

Zeta Beta Tau: Cheeseburger

bun, sandwich, bread, cheese, mustard, bacon, meat, tomato, beef
Luke Pottenger

Uncannily similar to the White House, ZBT is filled with boys that are just as true-blue American as the house they live in. It's for this reason that they're the hamburgers of USC Frats. These frat boys are classic and widely adored, just like a good ole burger with cheese. 

Pi Kappa Phi: Apple Pie

pie, apple pie
Jocelyn Hsu

To keep with a theme, Pi Kap comes in as another American classic: apple pie. Not only is it fitting for the boys who are classic and sophisticated, but it's representative of one of their biggest parties of the year, American Pi Kap. But if you've seen the movie, this pie is for EATING...

Sigma Nu: Noodles

spaghetti, pasta, tomato, sauce, vegetable, macaroni
Megan Prendergast

For the salt-of-the earth, friendly boys in this house, it only makes sense that they’re one of everybody’s favorite’s: Sig Noodle. You know you’re gonna love 'em all, but whether you’re craving a trendy serving of zucchini noodles, an indulgent bowl of cheesy pasta, or some classic spaghetti, Sig Nu’s got it all.

Lambda Chi Alpha: Taco Bell

dairy product, sauce, nachos, cheese, tomato, vegetable
Jasmine Lim

On any given Friday night at 1 am, you’ll find me in the atrium or its food counterpart, Taco Bell. It’s a total guilty pleasure drunchie, and usually crowded and popular but very much worth the wait. The Lambda boys are just as wild and fun as a late night trip to get Crunchwrap Supremes.

Phi Delta Theta: Chocolate Cake

chocolate, sweet, candy, cake, goody, cream, brownie, pastry
Katherine O'Malley

Our Phi Delt boys are like gooey pieces of chocolate cake: they're simply the sweetest ones. Chocolate cake is always delicious, but like the guys, they come in many different flavors. Whether you go for traditional, hot fudge filled, or a fancy tuxedo slice, it's gonna be good one (this also goes along with their philanthropy event, which involves many, many, many puppies. Talk about sweet!). 

Tau Kappa Epsilon: King Cake

Zoe Malin

Based on their house(s!) and the parties they throw, the TKE guys could be considered quite kingly. Probation had them under the radar for a while, but they came back swinging, and their amazing Mardi Gras party proved that. It was almost as good as diving into a cinnamon-y, sugary King Cake.

Pi Kappa Alpha: Margaritas

tequila, alcohol, juice, lime, ice, cocktail
Sarah Atallah

Okay, so this isn’t a food, but if you have it at dinnertime, it counts. And like clockwork, every Thursday evening you can count on Pike for their margarita night. The boys at Pike are wild and love to party it up, so the margarita represents their appreciation for fun just right.

At the end of the day, there's a frat at SC for whatever you're feeling! Watch some Netflix and eat mac 'n cheese with your Sammy sweetheart or go surfing and eat fruit with your Sig Chi bestie. Life's all about variety, right?