Students at Washington University in St. Louis are provided with a ton of great food options on campus, with a meal available to match any mood. After being ranked #3 for best campus food, it's no surprise that you'll find whatever you're craving somewhere on campus. But with over 20 options to visit when finding the perfect bite to eat, choosing an on-campus dining spot and meal can be quite the challenge, especially if you're accustomed to eating the same half-n-half every day. 

To help you find your new go-to lunch spot in between classes, let's look to the sky to find a spot to eat where the stars and taste buds align. These are the places and stations where you should eat on campus at WashU according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Bear's Den, WUrld Fusion

Aries are confident people who know what they want. Aries' ambitious, opinionated personalities mean that they love to try new things and tend to be trendsetters. They are constantly-evolving people, so grabbing a plate of Tandor-baked, authentic Indian and global cuisine will satisfy an Aries' independent, original taste. 

Taurus: Paws & Go Market

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Grayce Nieberle

Tauruses are practical and reliable. They are down-to-earth people who always know exactly which answer to give when you're in need of some good advice. Tauruses enjoy practicality and know that a stop at Paws & Go is always a foolproof lunch plan. Paws & Go offers a variety of options beyond the salad bar, but the salad bar is always a safe bet!

Gemini: The Village, Stir Fry

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Ariel Vasser

Bright, quick-witted, and chatty, Geminis are fun-loving, high-energy people who can't settle for eating the same thing every day. The Village's Stir Fry station has endless add-in options so that Geminis can try a new and versatile combination each time. 

Cancer: Cherry Tree Café

Cancers are the sweetest. They are driven by their emotions and always wear their hearts on their sleeves, making them loyal and caring friends. Cancers will love the hometown café feel of Cherry Tree, which has endless options to satisfy their sweet-tooth and caffeine-lover needs.

Leo: Starbucks

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Sarah Yanofsky

Leos are loud, creative, and love being the center of attention, so swinging by Starbucks in the ever-so-busy Olin Business School allows Leos to show off their unique iced caramel macchiato order (that clearly no one has ever tried before). Starbucks has endless options for curious Leos to try, all while providing their much-needed caffeine fix on busy days.

Virgo: Law Café

Virgos are logical and level-headed thinkers who like to have things go their way. The Law Café is the perfect lunch stop for busy Virgos who are constantly on the go. Here, they can order a custom wrap or salad exactly the way they like it. Virgos are the only sign who feel at home in this grad school, despite being an undergraduate freshman.

Libra: Bauer Hall Café

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Denise Uy

Libras are balanced people who thrive when they are busy and need to be with people (which sounds like most business students to me). Bauer Cafe, located in the Olin Business School, is the perfect spot for Libras to find a balance between options from the salad bar to the grill to the panini press

Scorpio: Einstein Bros. Bagels

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Sarah Adler

Scorpios are cutting-edge and brave. They like to push the limits and try new things in life. So, Scorpios won't be intimidated by the long morning-rush line at Simon Hall's Einstein Bros. Bagels (it moves quick, don't worry). Scorpios will venture to try bold new bagel flavors to accompany their trendy iced coffees.

Sagittarius: Whispers Café

Sagittarii are gentle and caring, but they are not afraid of traveling and exploring new options. Whispers is the perfect place for a Sagittarius to grab an afternoon pick-me-up coffee and try a trendy new maple bacon or lavender lemon donut.

Capricorn: Ibby's

#ibbys, WUSTL, risotto balls, Fried
Charlotte Ohana

Capricorns are driven and hardworking people, but they know when they deserve a little piece of luxury. Ibby's is WashU's definition of a fancy night out without having to leave campus, making it the perfect place for boujee Capricorns to indulge in the sweet life. And, of course, don't forget about dessert. 

Aquarius: Parkside Café

Aquariuses are quick, lively, and love being at the forefront of the buzz. Parkside Cafe, located on the newly renovated East End, is the perfect spot for an Aquarius to grab lunch. The glass walls of Schnuck's Pavillion provide great lighting for the food pictures on Aquariuses' Instagram stories.

Pisces: Grounds for Change

Pisces are intuitive, caring, and passionate people who love interacting and connecting with people on a deeper level. Grounds for Change, located in Hillman Hall, features a daily changing lunch menu, featuring options from restaurants around St. Louis and allowing Pisces to connect with their community through food.

Although you really can't go wrong in choosing any of these amazing food options at WashU, selecting an eatery based on your zodiac sign can be a fun way to reduce the stress of so many options. So, stop by your sign-soulmate snack spot, bring along some astrologically compatible friends (of course), and enjoy a meal that won't disappoint.