Everyone loves a good bagel. Everyone loves a good cup of joe. Put them together, and you've got a perfect breakfast. What if I told you that you could get your carb and caffeine fix in just one bite? Meet the Espresso Buzz Bagel from Einstein Bros. Bagel.

Infused with 32 mg of caffeine, this bagel gives you a boost of energy that is perfect for those busy mornings when you're rushing out the door. Of course, it's taken the Internet by storm, since it is quite the innovation. Does it warrant the hype? And, more importantly, what does it taste like? 

On a sleepy Sunday morning, I set out to try it out for myself.

The Selection

Einstein's offers a breakfast sandwich with crispy pieces of bacon, a cage-free egg, and cheddar cheese, but I opted for a toasted bagel with reduced fat cream cheese. The sandwich is a whopping 600 calories, and the thought of all of eating all those indulgent ingredients clogged up my arteries. Also, I wanted to taste without the add-ons to experience it in all its glory.

The First Bite

I first bit into the half of the bagel that didn't have the cream cheese and immediately was overcome by the strong, bitter chocolate-coffee flavor. It tasted exactly like black coffee, except more concentrated. 

I'm glad I got the plain cream cheese. The combination complemented each other surprisingly well, with the tang of the cream cheese cutting into the sharp espresso flavor. After slathering the naked half with some cream cheese, I polished off my bagel easily.

The Aftermath

I am not a coffee drinker, but whenever I do drink a cup, I always find myself giddy for a few hours and then crash soon after.

As I write this article, it's been three hours since I've eaten the bagel, and I'm fairing pretty well. Because it has a lower amount of caffeine than your average cup of coffee, it's not as strong. Although I do feel like I have a bit more energy, I'm not feeling the side effects I normally feel when drinking coffee.

The Verdict

Will I order the Espresso Buzz Bagel again? Probably not. Einstein Bros. Bagels has an assortment of flavors that I would much rather prefer (I mean, come on, a French Toast bagel). If I need energy, I'm going to go for some natural ways to get caffeine that I know won't make me crash later. However, I'd definitely recommend trying it for yourself to be able to say that you tried the caffeinated bagel. So, decide for yourself if it'll replace your morning cup of coffee.