College is great and fun, but it's inevitable that you will start to miss your friends from home. You facetime and snapchat, but the distance is rough and you guys can't take it anymore. The day finally comes when your friends decide to cash in on those frequent flyer miles and make the trip to Hotlanta. This is all very exciting, but then you're faced with a big decisions: where to eat? Emory has many dining options and you have to decide where to take your friend. This guide will help you figure out where to eat on Emory's campus depending on who is visiting you.

The BFF: Highland Bakery 

cream, maple syrup, chocolate, pancake, waffle, syrup
Stella Davis

You and your best friend haven't seen each other in a while so treat yo self and enjoy some gram worthy food. This will give you a good chance to reminisce on all the Sunday brunches you enjoyed before you went your separate ways. And maybe the delicious french toast will encourage him/her to visit again?

The Family Friend: Cox

vegetable, pork, meat, chicken, fish, tacos
Blair Baker

You've spent Thanksgiving together every year and painfully suffered through the small talk, but now you get CC'd on an email notifying you that these family friends are making a visit to the ATL and wan't to see you. They wan't to experience 'college food', but let's be real they DO NOT want the DUC. So pretend like you have unlimited Dooley Dollars and stuff them with Twisted Tacos. 

The Potential Student: The Farmer's Market

dough, candy, cookie, bread, cake, sweet, pastry, doughnut
Ally Golden

The farmer's market will convince any potential student that they are going to the trendiest school as students sip Blue Donkey and enjoy some Revolution Donuts. Any potential student will swoon over these fresh food options and maybe will mistake everyones' coffee buzz as excitement for their afternoon classes. 

The Camp Friend: The DUC

Spoon University

You guys have been through some fun times together at summer camp and what better to relive that than enjoy a meal that reminds you of the questionable food at summer camp? The DUC has a special place in every Emory kid's heart, but it wouldn't be a DUC meal without questioning if the night will result in food poisoning. 

The Party Friend: Kaldis

coffee, beer, tea
Drew Stafford

You are your friend have had an awesome night from a frat party to the obligatory venture to Maggie's. You find yourself back on campus at 1:30am with a craving for some drunk eats. Not to fear, Kaldi's at the depot is open until 2am. It will surely be packed with fellow students on the same mission to find greasy food. From cheesy flat bread to a bacon grilled cheese, your friend is satisfied and ready to ptfo. 

We all know good friendships are built on food so get ready for some good times, set up that sleeping bag and show your friends a fun time.