Mondays are hard. From the moment our alarm abruptly wakes us up from the deep slumber to class time that seems foreign after the infinite free time of the weekend. It's unanimously the worst day of the week, the Pepsi to the Coke that is the weekend (you know Emory kids and Coke). But, you made it through the difficulty of Monday and the universe (aka Emory University) is rewarding you with some yummy food with Emory's Farmers Market on Tuesdays from 11-3. 

Emory's farmer's market is packed with options and it can be a little overwhelming to navigate it with the short time between your classes. You could spend your whole afternoon waiting in the blazing sun and spending all your Dooley Dollars, but you can save yourself some time and money because I did it for you. Keep pushing through Monday and get ready for all the amazingness of Tuesday. 

Rey Martinez Cuban Cuisine:

rice, chicken, beans
Ally Golden

Rey Martinez Cuban Cuisine is a student favorite to get lunch. This can be seen by the dedicated students that find their way back every week with their orders ready to go. They have a menu of different combinations of beans, rice, pulled pork, tamales, and plantains. My personal favorite is combo 8 which is rice, beans, pork, and plantains. It's a perfect combination of essential sustenance and exciting flavors. #SpoonTip: Ask for hot sauce if you want to add a kick to your meal. 

Blue Donkey:

coffee, milk
Ally Golden

How do you find Blue Donkey Coffee in Emory's farmer's market? Look for the long line. Blue Donkey is what keeps Emory kids alive on Tuesdays and I wouldn't be surprised if Emory's sleep deprived students keep Blue Donkey in business. The Blue Donkey light is delicious and creamy and if you're looking for something sweet try the summer almond. Bask in the creamy delight that is Blue Donkey. 

Honey Bubble Tea:

beer, tea, coffee, cocktail
Ally Golden

If you don't want to spend your afternoon in line waiting for Blue Donkey, Honey Bubble Tea is equally as delicious, wildly underrated and has a shorter line. You won't get quite the caffeine, but what it lacks in caffeine it makes up in bubbles. The lychee black tea is sweet and fruity and won't fill you as much as the equally delicious milk bubble teas. 

Revolution Doughnuts:

doughnut, pastry, sweet, cake, bread, cookie, candy, dough
Ally Golden

You know how the old expression goes? A donut a day keeps the doctor away. With everyone getting sick it's important to get your daily dose. These donuts are fluffly, sweet and will fulfill your donut dreams. Indulge with the fan favorite of cinnamon sugar, but let's be real: you cannot go wrong with any of these donuts. 

King of Pops:

beer, tea, coffee, beans, pizza
Ally Golden

King of Pops really are the king of pops. They are frequent visitors to Emory's campus and Emory's farmer's market is no different so there are plenty of chances to try all the flavors. King of Pops are perfect to cool of in the hot weather that never seems to end in Hotlanta. My personal favorite is the Blackberry Ginger Lemonade, but if you're looking for something creamier go for the Mexican Chocolate. 

Mercier Orchard Apples:

apple, pasture, juice
Ally Golden

Apples are the perfect snack: for your dorm or on the go, with peanut butter or by themselves. Apples are my favorite fruit and the DUC apples really do not cut it, so you know I'm very happy to see Mercier Orchards Apple's stand every Tuesday. With a range of in-season apples and helpful descriptions of flavors, you will surely find the apple to quench your craving. #SpoonTip: Ask for samples 

Henry's Farm Gourmet Kettle Corn:

cake, chocolate
Ally Golden

When you run out of apples to snack on, hit the kettle corn stand. Follow the smell of sugary goodness and you'll find all different kinds of crunchy, sugary (and sometimes spicy) goodness. Give all the flavors of try, but its hard to go wrong with orginal kettlecorn. 

Are you full yet? If you need me ill be digesting until next Tuesday.