We are all familiar with the DUC and have at one point found ourselves waiting in line wondering if what we are waiting for is really worth it. Or, we have found ourselves too overwhelmed and go for a simple salad. But some food stations at the DUC are much better than others and deserve recognition.

9. Global

salad, slaw, fish
Brooke Koeppel

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what the point of the global food station really is. Its dishes range from falafel (overcooked, usually) to Moroccan stew (lacking in flavor) and disappoints overall. It usually offers one small "exotic" side dish per day that is only "meh." Maybe that's why it never has a line.  

8. Kettles

gravy, soup
Samantha Zipin

Ok, so the kettles aren't terrible (especially in the morning the oatmeal is pretty lit) but they are nothing special. I usually breeze right by them without even bothering to look. If you don't want to wait in a line though, the broccoli-cheddar soup is hella good.  

7. Fusion

Samantha Zipin

Fusion is one of those food stations that's a hit or miss. Generally, they have slim offerings that are only semi-good. The fried rice can be pretty good, but overall this station does not ever have anything leaving me extra satisfied after my meal.

6. Salad

beef, chili, salad
Alexa Buchbinder

The salad line is perfect when you want to eat healthily, but don't want to put in the effort of going anywhere but the DUC. The pasta salad can be tasty and the sweet thai chili tofu is always a yummy addition to any salad. Plus, who doesn't love stealing the goldfish from time to time?

5. Vegan 

chicken, pizza
Samantha Zipin
The vegan food station has pasta, which is one of the reasons that it is ranked this high on the list. The veggies are also usually pretty good and the hummus and pesto are both bomb.

#SpoonTip: Mix the pesto and humus together for the perfect combo. 

4. Comfort 

sweet potato, sweet, carrot, squash
Alexa Buchbinder

The comfort food station at the DUC usually has something to satisfy us all. From pasta bakes to mashed potatoes and steak to chicken entrées, Comfort has a wide array of tastes and flavors for everyone. 

3. Pizza

Samantha Zipin

The pizza food station is low-key (but actually high-key) one of the best stations at the DUC. There is never a long line, and the pizza is gooey with a fluffy crust. But the real reason this station is truly amazing is the soft, cheesy breadsticks they serve. Once you have one, you will become instantly addicted (I know from experience!). 

2. Grill

sweet potato, potato, sweet, cheese
Alexa Buchbinder

Two words: French fries. Both the plain French fries and crispy sweet potato fries are the stars of this food station. The sliders and hot dogs are so-so but the portobello mushroom sliders (loaded with grilled veggies and barbecue) are mouth-watering .  

1. Deli

sandwich, bread, toast, cheese
Alexa Buchbinder

There is no question about it—the deli is by far the best food station in the DUC. The made-to-order wraps and sandwiches never disappoint. Pile turkey and Swiss onto rye bread with chipotle mayo or go for a toasted hummus wrap with grilled veggies. Add a side of chips and you have about the best possible meal you can find in the DUC.

While the DUC may not be the ideal place to spend yet another meal, you can successfully navigate it by using this list to find its best eats.