With Thanksgiving just around the corner I'm sure you are already thinking of the insane amounts of food you are about to consume. When you think about turkey day, I guarantee there's one specific Thanksgiving side dish that comes to your mind. We all have our favorites, but what yours say about you and your personality?

Time to find out.

Roasted Vegetables

onion, salad, stir-fry, pepper, carrot, broccoli, vegetable
Dylan Barth

If you reach for the roasted vegetables first when you sit down for your Thanksgiving dinner you are certainly health conscious. You keep up with the food trends and know everything about all of the new trendy restaurants in your area.

You are definitely a little bit of a hipster.

Macaroni and Cheese

spoonful, Macaroni and cheese, Mac And Cheese, macaroni, cheese, sauce, pasta
Julia Gilman

If macaroni and cheese is your first choice you are still a child-at-heart. You are sensitive and care deeply about your family and friends. Thanksgiving and the holiday season, as a whole, is your favorite part of the year. Home is super important to you and you love nothing more than being with your family during the holidays.


cake, scone, biscuits, sweet, dough, bread, pastry
Jocelyn Hsu

Reaching for a biscuit or a piece of bread first says a lot about your personality. You definitely don't  take life too seriously and if it were up to you, you'd even eat dessert first. Starting your meal with something substantial is not that important to you. You are just happy to be with the people you love and ready to have some fun.

Mashed Potatoes

sweet, dairy, dumpling, ravioli, mashed potatoes, milk, dairy product, cream
Helena Lin

If you grab the bowl of mashed potatoes first, you understand what is important in life. You understand how important it is to be surrounded by your family, friends, and loved ones during the holidays. Although you may have a big heart and be a little sentimental, you still are able appreciate what is most important.

Green Bean Casserole

chicken, rice
Morgan Nielsen

The second you take a spoonful of green bean casserole, you are showing everyone at your Thanksgiving table that you love to have fun. You are a thrill seeker who never says no to a spontaneous adventure and never backs down from a challenge. You are definitely the loudest one at the table and spend the majority of Thanksgiving dinner trying to make your friends and family laugh.


Liz Kaplan

Asking for a scoop of stuffing on your plate the second you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner shows everyone at the table that you are stable. Just like stuffing is an integral part of the Thanksgiving dinner, you are integral to the relationships you have with your friends and family.

You are always there to listen and give great advice.

Sweet Potatoes 

pepper, sweet potato, salmon, sweet
Ellen Gibbs

Pulling the dish of sweet potatoes close to you shows your friends and family that you are super sweet. Although this may be obvious of your choice of the sweetest dish on the table, you are always there for your friends and family and love the time you get to spend to them. You would never hurt anyone, not even a fly.

Tegwyn Hughes

Thanksgiving is the kickoff to the holiday season and almost everyone's favorite day of the year. It is the one day that families and friends reunite away from the hectic parts of life. When families finally gather around the table for Thanksgiving, it is a time to bond and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

This Thanksgiving, pay attention to what you and others at your table reach for. You might learn something new about yourself or your friends and family!