I know how overwhelming it can be to be told that you need to pick a career path well before your 20th birthday. You fear you'll eventually be in your last semester of college and still questioning your decision to major in sociology over business administration. To avoid changing your major at the last second, stressing for four years straight, or wasting a large amount of money—I created the ultimate list of what you should major in, based on your favorite dessert.

Banana Split

If you love banana splits, you should major in sports management. Your decision to include an entire fruit in your ice cream shows just how well you manage your food groups. Sports management will allow you to share valuable, daily knowledge (food related or otherwise) with your team.


If you're always craving Blondies for dessert, you should major in criminology. As the adventurous dessert eater, you pride yourself on even knowing what a blondie is. Criminology is a fruitful field for someone as investigative and as risky as you.


Can't resist those brownies? You should major in communications. Brownies are your go-to potluck dish because everyone wants one, and they require little effort on your part. Your natural ability to maneuver social situations will translate well to your career in communications.


Yum, cake—you should major in international affairs. Math, laughter, and cake are the same in every language. Cake is most often served at celebrations, so you clearly enjoy situations that allow you to meet new people. International affairs will educate you on different cultures and traditions, as well as the flavors of cake they serve.

Cake Pop

Have a sweet tooth for that one bite of cake? You should major In political science. Cake pops are your go-to dessert as you're always looking for the next big trend to get behind, in hopes of persuading new followers. Political science will allow you to use your ability to promote trends for good instead of evil when you're running for office and want to make a difference in the world.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls originated in Sweden, but, I'm sure you already knew that. You should major in history. You pride yourself on knowing fun facts about topics such as dessert, people, and world-records. Majoring in history will help you learn about events that are almost as interesting as eating dessert for breakfast. 


You should major in engineering. The ability to make a cheesecake requires unparalleled intelligence and patience (two things you'll need as an engineer). Majoring in engineering has always been in the back of your mind—there's no doubt you love a challenge when your favorite dessert is cheesecake


Love that traditional dessert staple? You should major in education. Your love of all things classic and sweet will guide you on the path of shaping young minds. An education career gives you the opportunity to have weekly classroom celebrations where each student is required to bring a different type of cookie. That's a win-win for you and your students.  


You should major in philosophy. If you find yourself asking big questions like, "Why does society allow me to eat this delicious ring of sugar and fat before 9 am?" then philosophy is for you. It will provide you with more questions than answers, and questions are exactly what you need in order to figure out what to pair with your morning doughnut.

Frozen Yogurt

You should major in exercise science. A cup of frozen yogurt a day keeps the doctor away (and you moderately sane). Your ability to choose toppings in under 10 minutes is impressive and will help you assist others with their health goals. Being able to make good decisions is essential when your job is to encourage other people to make smart decisions about their physical fitness.

Funnel Cake 

You should major in architecture. It's well known that funnel cakes are the Eiffel Tower of desserts with its beautiful design and flawless structure. Your ability to recognize the funnel cake as more than just "fair food" proves that you think outside of the box and can create something incredible in architecture. 

Hostess Snacks

You should major in sociology. Forgiving the social chaos that ensued following the discontinuation of Twinkies shows your understanding of how humans function. Sociology will come naturally to you and will help you determine how to best to deal with the next dessert-related disaster coming our way. 

Ice Cream

You should major in psychology. Knowing your friend's preferred ice cream flavor, consistency, and mix-ins all go back to a traumatic childhood event that often helps you understand them better. However, majoring in psychology will give you all the tools you need to take psychoanalyzing the people you love one step further. 

Lemon Square

You should major in information technology. Why waste your time eating two desserts to obtain both sweet and sour flavors, when you can have them both in one lemon square? Your knack for processing ideas quick, and finding the best method to get a job done, will be perfect for information technology. 


You should major in biology. Oreos satisfy you in a way that no other cookie has, and this makes your deductive reasoning skills spot on. Biology will give you the opportunity to make discoveries beyond which cookie tastes better and you will thrive on finding the answers to big questions about life on Earth. 


You should major in business administration. Holidays are your favorite time of year and you are constantly trying to bargain with your friends about baking a pie for game night. Being able to coerce individuals to serve pie for no reason is a gift and will come in handy when administrating business.


You should major in computer science. Grabbing a cup of pudding is second nature for you. Nevertheless, you wouldn't pass up the opportunity to taste something a little more gourmet served in a restaurant. Computer science will allow you to stick to your usual methods of computing, while also giving you the freedom to create something new.

Rice Krispies Treats  

You should major in finance. Marshmallow treats are easy on your wallet and your stomach. Finance majors are always looking to save money so it's no surprise that you love the dessert with the most simple ingredients.

Shaved Ice

You should major in nursing. As someone who can appreciate the simplicity of syrup and ice, you also have a need to experience new things. Nursing can provide you with the daily excitement you crave in a dessert and a career.


You should major in English. S'mores give you the option of creativity that an English major thrives on. Telling stories around a campfire is your ideal Friday night and often inspires you to write something personal while enjoying marshmallow and chocolate bliss.