There are two things I am very passionate about: music and tacos. With the Grammy’s approaching, I decided to pair the nominated albums to favorited Fuego’s tacos; so if you are ever unsure of what taco to get, you can think about what album speaks to you most.

Fuego seriously has some of the wildest combinations of tacos that are undeniably awesome. Regardless of what our ranking of breakfast tacos in Aggieland says, many call Fuego the best place to get a taco in College Station.

This year's Grammy nominated albums include: an emotional album from Adele, a sassy set from Beyoncé, diverse album from Justin Bieber, a typical record from Drake, and a profound album from Sturgill Simpson. 

25 El Presidente

Sydney Eakin

Adele is a boss, so it only makes sense to pair it with this boss. This powerful taco consists of chicken, bacon, cheese, fried avocado, pico, and chipotle ranch. All of these delicious things wrapped in a flour tortilla will give you the ability to let go of the past and say, “Hello from the other side” like Adele did. 

Lemonade — Southern Comfort

Beyoncé really embodies her southern roots in Lemonade, and if you are anything like her, you're proud of it too. This taco is made up of fried chicken, chipotle cream corn, potatoes, gravy and onions, which is so southern (Shoutout to H-town).

#SpoonTip: If Béy has hot sauce in her bag (swag), maybe you should too.

Purpose — I-Chee-Wa-Wa  

chicken, bacon, tacos, burrito, guacamole, avocado
Sydney Eakin

If you have been a Belieber since 2008, you can admit Purpose is Justin’s best album. Like this album, I-Chee-Wa-Wa is diverse and full of good stuff like roasted poblano queso and hatch green chilies. After eating one of these hearty tacos, you too might make a transformation like the former YouTube famous star did into the sexier, manlier version.

Views — Chicken and Waffles 

cheddar, cheese, sandwich, bacon, chicken, waffle
Kate Kidd

If you relate to Drake’s conflicting confidence and emotional struggles in Views, this taco will help make ~the feels~ better, regardless of your situation. As Drake brilliantly says, “Don’t worry about fitting in when you’re custom made”, which this taco relates to.

#SpoonTip: Go listen to “Fire and Desire” and dedicate the world to this taco.

A Sailor's Guide To Earth — Dr. Pepper Cowboy 

You have to take a risk with this one, but this taco is also a Fuego favorite. Both the taco and this album make you believe in country roots, and you magically embody a sense of braveness.

Now every time you play your favorite 2016 album, you have to go to Fuego and think about how much the taco represents the message behind the music. And if you are ever wanting to try something new—music or taco—make sure to pair accordingly.